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How much should you invest in trading

Jul 09 at 08:53
322 posts
You should use the demo account first before investing any amount in this risky market

Jul 27 at 11:00
11 posts
It is very important to understand the fundamentals of trading first before investing. Always invest in proportions, for example, out of 100% funds invest 40 save 60

perryjohn765 (perryjohn765)
Jul 27 at 11:35
213 posts
it totally depends on how much you are willing to lose or afford to lose. if your income is $10000 you cannot go on depositing $20000 in the market. what will you eat after you lose. so these things needs to be taken care of.

Jul 27 at 12:15
519 posts
Tremblay posted:
You should use the demo account first before investing any amount in this risky market

Lots of good thoughts. I can create a deposit plan using a demo account and create a proper mindset on how to build that account.

Jul 27 at 13:22
10 posts
Initially, I don't like investing large sums at all. For this reason, when I started working with a broker from Amarkets, I invested a minimum amount of $ 100.

Siomo (Siomo)
Jul 27 at 18:17
5 posts
The author said a worthy thing, about money management that depends on account balance. I started with 5k account that was blew during several bad days. It was the beginning and it was trading without knowledge.
So... if you are a beginner, it's better to start with at least 100 usd and just get some knowledge and exp during small trades.

Cordardred (Cordardred)
Jul 27 at 21:01
18 posts
I believe that it is better to start with $5000-$10,000 in order to understand the principles of trading, risk and money management and psychology. Surely, it depends whether you can afford such sum of money without going in debt, but if you can and if you want to devote your life to trading, you'd better start with such sum of money.

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