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Is math important for trading?

Mar 05 at 11:51
32 posts
The basic understanding of maths will do and you don’t need to go into so much detail as well.

78678676 (78678676)
Mar 06 at 07:50
99 posts
Basic Maths will make it easier to analyse the charts. No need of any advanced skills in Maths.

Mar 06 at 09:06
51 posts
I think to the certain that maths are quite important in trading. You do not need advance skills in maths just like the user above said, even basic understanding that involves addition and subtraction are enough

Mar 06 at 09:55
222 posts
Forex is a profitable business. Profit can be made by maintaining proper money management and risk rewards.

Mar 30 at 05:44
16 posts
The basic knowledge of mathematics is alright. You don’t really have to be a genius at math to start with forex.

May 24 at 17:59
142 posts
If you have basic knowledge about math, you can make money from this market.

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