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Is math important for trading?

Dec 17 2021 at 19:59
11 príspevkov
The question of math in trading is pretty arguable, but, as for me, I do really think that it is better to know math rather than not to know it.
Surely, it is not a must, but, from my perspective, it can give you some advantages especially in comparison with other traders. It is a good habit for trading to be able to calculate and treat numbers with the cold heart. This will definetely help you avoid being overemotional while trading. Learning math will change your mindset and you will see some logical conclusions very vividle and fast. So, I do strongly recommend everyone to learn maths despite the fact that it has no direct influence on trading results.
Dec 19 2021 at 19:38
536 príspevkov
croisssan posted:
Trading is essentially working with numbers. Do you think math is important? :)
I think math is very essential to calculate the profit and losses.
Dec 21 2021 at 05:48
28 príspevkov
A basic knowledge of maths is all that you need to trade properly. You don’t have to learn deep mathematical concepts. It is even said that the maths you’ve learnt in junior high is enough for trading.
Dec 22 2021 at 05:05
72 príspevkov
Yes, you need to have a basic math knowledge to become a good trader. The knowledge concepts like statistical math, percentages, probability, and correction are important. Math knowledge can reduce risk in forex, especially when you know how to apply it in position sizing.
Dec 22 2021 at 05:44
46 príspevkov
Trading does include maths but in this maths a person does not need to be the top of class in the subject. You just need to have enough knowledge to use a calculator. Some trading platforms do most of the calculations for you but still sometimes you need to calculate how much you would like to invest or what risk you can bear.
Marcel Durham (MarcellusLux)
Dec 22 2021 at 13:11
270 príspevkov
Mathematical knowledge will help you better understand the principle of the indicators. Basic calculations of the trading plan will be made easier and faster. So this knowledge will only benefit your trading.
Dec 23 2021 at 19:49
15 príspevkov
I do think that math will be useful in trading. Especially, I am talking about the theory of probabilities. Trading is always about probabilities because it is never possible to say that this or that even will definetely happen. There are always chances that everything might go against your plans and your perceptions. That is why it is significant to know and calculate risks and math expectancy in order to realise how much money you are ready to risk in this or that particular situation.
Dec 24 2021 at 03:52
78 príspevkov
Math is important. You won’t be able to understand anything if you don’t know basic math. But you won’t enter trading if you don’t know what profit means. If you know what profit is, you definitely know addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. If you know this much it should be enough. You also don’t need to be accurate in your calculations as you can always use a calculator.
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