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Jul 16 2021 at 09:03
536 posts
UweMoench posted:
Loss is a part of forex trading. That's why money management and risk management are important in trading. Every trader should take measures to reduce risk.
Yes. You have to make a solid plan to manage the risks and reduce the loss.
Aug 03 2021 at 21:48
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I'm convinced that it's impossible to get rid of losses at all. Losses are the biggest part of trading. Well, it's a bad side of trading activity however it brings you lots of experience which affords you to make profits in future. Speaking about reduing risks, I should note that only by complying with risk management practices traders are able to reach this goal. The proccess of learning these practices takes plenty of time of course, nevertheless it brings you more than just time. I'm sure that there is nothing better for a trader (except money) than experience. This thing makes you never give up.
Suradi (FXOday)
Aug 04 2021 at 00:05
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Yes, loss is sometimes inevitable, in trading, this is fairly happening, but of course, as traders needs to manage the risk, they can try to use various ways to minimize the risk, using stop-loss s common way to manage the risk, besides trader may use the correlation between pair to minimize the risk as hedging position
Aug 04 2021 at 05:00
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Sure, loss is part and parcel of trading as there is always the element of risk, but you need to speculate, analyse and do your best to avoid losses. Risk management is very important. Having said that it is best to prepare yourself psychologically for the possible loss too. Too high expectations that you will gain is not healthy as loss is often the result, and you need to be prepared for that.
Aug 04 2021 at 05:36
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@mab8 yes loss is the integral part of forex trading. Loss will happen. That is why we need to learn how to minimize loss and make profits.
Nov 23 2021 at 19:23
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UweMoench posted:
@mab8 yes loss is the integral part of forex trading. Loss will happen. That is why we need to learn how to minimize loss and make profits.
Loss is a common thing in this market.
Dec 06 2021 at 05:21
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There’s absolutely nothing a trader can do to avoid loss but by working on risk management practices, loss can be minimized. Some tips that always work when it comes to managing risks are:
1. Calculating your risk tolerance and not exceeding the limit.
2. Using stop loss and limit orders.
3. Not risking more than 2% per trade.
4. Controlled use of leverage.
5. Keeping the risk consistent.
Dec 07 2021 at 17:05
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Do not even think about getting rich when starting out. In best cases, you’ll likely make good money and be able to live comfortably.
Seb King (sebking1986)
Dec 07 2021 at 20:50
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Losses in forex are as natural as expenses in business.
If you can't spot the liquidity then you are the liquidity.
Dec 08 2021 at 07:25
608 posts
I will tell that Forex business is not so easy to earn as we think and for that we should learn the money management in a proper manner so that we can be with the trend and like that we can make pips as per experience
Chelsea Blacks (blackChelsea)
Dec 08 2021 at 08:09
125 posts
Losses are inherent in any trading, fact is that you need to learn how to continue trades with a right set of mind.
Dec 14 2021 at 05:42
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There is always a risk in forex and any other financial market. However, forex can be highly risky if traders don’t take the right steps to minimise their losses. Every trader should assign a reward and risk ratio to their trades and invest the capital they can lose. All necessary steps should be taken to avoid loss.
Dec 14 2021 at 09:12
133 posts
Losses are part of forex trading but these are also an opportunity to learn as experience teaches us better than anything else.
Dec 15 2021 at 20:13
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Losses are the natural part of trading. You cannot eliminate losses completely from your trading. Such aspiration to make your trading history all in green can lead to the desparate outcomes with huge losses which you will not be able to cover and which will make you really sad. Surely, you should do your best to reduce this proportion of losses in your trading and you need to do more successful deals than failures, but nothing is perfect in our world and trading is not an exception. You just need to put up with that. The best tool which can make you reduce losses is risk management. You'd better know how to assess the risks associated with this or that particular deal in order to understand how much money you can risk. More than that, it is a good idea to write a diary where you fix all your thoughts about the deals. This is made in order to have the opportunity to analyze your past deals and find some weak points in your trading trategy. Constant analysis can make you much better in trading.
Dec 15 2021 at 21:26
939 posts
Losses are normal, but you shouldn't allow for regularity. This can lead to not very positive results.
Suradi (FXOday)
Dec 15 2021 at 22:02
401 posts
Yes, i think no one trader in the trading career is able to trade without loss, loss is part of trading, sometimes you want to avoid the loss but actually, you can't, forex market movement is very dynamic and unpredictable, sometimes enforced trader to get lost and the most important is although we get lost but still able to control emotion tp avoid next loss because bad trading decision
Dec 31 2021 at 02:45
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Loss is unavoidable part of trading that cannot avoid after passing a long time , but when we making loss , we lost control and trade over and over as a result we become loser ultimately and blame this market place
Dec 31 2021 at 20:17
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Because of misconception! A number of new traders start their live trading too early although they didn’t have a consistent return in the demo. As a result, a huge loss!!
Jan 05 at 03:53
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Traders should learn from their losses in order to become successful in the future. This experience allows them to learn from their mistakes and improve their strategy.
Jan 06 at 18:25
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forextrader777 posted:
Losses are part of forex trading but these are also an opportunity to learn as experience teaches us better than anything else.
Always try to reduce the losses by your strategy and planning.
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