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Money Management Systems.

Feb 08 at 10:49
21 posts
Money management is a very important aspect of trading and when it is paired with risk management, it can turn out to be really helpful for traders.

Feb 08 at 11:13
7 posts
What is the difference between money management and risk management?

Feb 15 at 08:43
33 posts
When trading small amounts, it should be remembered that your task is not to make money, but to learn how to trade, so you should not count on a large profit at first.

Mar 02 at 10:29
32 posts
Money management is not that difficult to maintain if you just try not to risk more and make a good broker choice. Managing your trades and using stop loss can help you reduce any risk.

Mar 13 at 13:21
416 posts
We need risk management system so that we can minimize our risk. Without proper risk management it's not possible to survive in the market. We need a good winning percentage and a sustainable risk management policy.

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