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Money Management Systems.

Feb 08 at 10:49
21 príspevkov
Money management is a very important aspect of trading and when it is paired with risk management, it can turn out to be really helpful for traders.

Feb 08 at 11:13
7 príspevkov
What is the difference between money management and risk management?

Feb 15 at 08:43
38 príspevkov
When trading small amounts, it should be remembered that your task is not to make money, but to learn how to trade, so you should not count on a large profit at first.

Mar 02 at 10:29
32 príspevkov
Money management is not that difficult to maintain if you just try not to risk more and make a good broker choice. Managing your trades and using stop loss can help you reduce any risk.

Mar 13 at 13:21
635 príspevkov
We need risk management system so that we can minimize our risk. Without proper risk management it's not possible to survive in the market. We need a good winning percentage and a sustainable risk management policy.

Aug 23 at 08:41
128 príspevkov
Molodicar posted:
What is the difference between money management and risk management?

I think both are same. One is a subbranch of others.

Marcel Durham (MarcellusLux)
Aug 24 at 17:35
92 príspevkov
Money management in general has basic, unbreakable rules. In addition, the trader can design different trading models depending on market conditions. Risk control methods and algorithms of actions for different scenarios are what makes the systems different.

Aug 25 at 08:37
15 príspevkov
Anyone currently using a good money management skill that has reduced the number of losses or has kept your losses lower than the profits earned?

Sep 04 at 12:58
334 príspevkov
Trading without money managment is nothing but gambling. You can not do gambling while forex trading. To try your luck one should go to casio or buy lottery tickets.

Sep 04 at 13:23
364 príspevkov
AliaDare posted:
Money management is the backbone of trading. By money management, I mean to include every trade in the plan. No more than a 2% risk can be taken for each trade. If your balance is 1000, then you can trade at 10 cents, which means 1 cent for every 100. If the profit is like 20 pips, you have to bring stop loss at the entry point.

Yes, you are right, I have lost a lot by not using money management and risk management.

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