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Most people fail because

Jun 16 at 12:42
11 posts
There are only a few successful traders in this market and the majority of these traders fail when it comes to investing in forex. It’s obvious that trading in forex isn’t the easiest thing in this world and you must be hard working. Traders often have several scary thoughts about losing whatever they have and the overall failure of the trade. It is the basis of reading psychology but is often disregarded. Traders often allow emotions to meddle with their projects. Your trading decisions should not be controlled by emotions else you will face losses. Often traders don’t follow discipline which is very important when you trade forex else you might have consecutive losses. Greed makes traders act irrationally. Avoid over leveraging and over trading in the market. It is not doing any good and causes only harm.
Suradi (FXOday)
Jun 17 at 00:29
304 posts
Many people joined in forex with the hope to making a profit from trading, but not all traders will get the same result in trading, all depending each trader's skill and how good they can understand the nmarket behavior to adjusted trading strategy, the most trader fail in trading means this is no easy job, the only skilled trader will survive and knowledgeable.
Jun 23 at 04:27
21 posts
The reason for this is that the majority of people do not have a comprehensive understanding of the market and its working system. They also do not possess the necessary set of skills and abilities. It is the first and most important factor contributing to their failure.
Jun 23 at 10:36
139 posts
people fail because they always set a loser mindset , i think this is the main reason why we loss everyday.
Jun 23 at 12:04
64 posts
Trading is an unpredictable thing to do. It needs sound knowledge to analyse the market. And yes, you are not gonna win each time. Losses are meant to be there while trading.
Yesterday at 08:42
11 posts
Most people fail because risks aren't calculated correctly.
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