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New traders should be content

Mar 08 at 08:14
871 posts
Newcomers should focus on others inevitable part of trading besides acquiring good trading knowledge. Controlling emotions , avoid revenge trading , over trading , money management ,RR and much more things they have to observe for avoiding unfortunate loss.

Apr 11 at 17:28
152 posts
New traders should make a good plan to make money from this risky market.

Apr 12 at 07:58
14 posts
A newcomer to this market should clearly understand that drawing up a trading plan gives him a very good opportunity to be confident in his abilities.

Apr 13 at 10:13
101 posts
If the beginner sticks to the key points, then he will achieve good results.

Apr 13 at 11:52
54 posts
The problem with beginners that either they have been told that trading is easy or they think themselves that trading is easy. Thus they never feel the urge in deep learning.

Apr 14 at 01:22
193 posts
For a new trader, it is a must for him to follow the rules of the market and must start practicing over a demo account and should develop a trading strategy and should test it with demo trading and if it works he can go forward with it to make a profit with real trading.

Apr 14 at 02:24
91 posts
I have to make a separate plan for each trade. If my plan is right, I have to maintain discipline and participate in the trade. I try to earn 10% monthly. And does not take more than 2% risk for a trade.

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