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Newcomers and demo trading

Jan 27 at 20:51
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I think that I’m not psychologically ready for trading on a real account, so I trade on demo accounts with several brokers. I have a good imagination and can imagine how it could be when I would move to a real account. Besides this, I talk to traders I’m personally familiar. I ask them various questions about trading and they answer. It really helps to make some things clear.
When you trade on a demo account for a long time you perceive it as a toy. I feel it and I don’t like this feeling. The traders I’m familiar with told me that you may feel a strong fear when trading real money. I try to prepare myself for this. I think I will tray real trading in a couple of months.
Suradi (FXOday)
Jan 27 at 23:22
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I think good for newbies they use demo accounts for practice and learning, but usually demo account starts with big capital like as $5000 in account trading, using big capital and free from emotion usually will lead to becoming good result in a demo account, it is about psychology, but I think better when using a demo account only start with small capital like that will prepare later in real account, many traders fail less than six months, beginner they good spent practice in the demo at least six months
Jan 28 at 03:28
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Demo accounts are available for forex trading, a very good business. Demo accounts give all traders the opportunity to practice without any risk or danger. We can learn from our mistakes by practicing on a demo account. Then we won't make the same mistake in the real account.
Jan 28 at 06:56
258 posts
the demo account is really important for all kinds of trader even for the professional trader. this is the master place for being a knowledgeable trader.
Jan 28 at 13:57
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I’m a newbie and I’m currently trading on a demo account. I can say that I like this feeling that I’m a newbie and exactly in this field.
You know for some people it’s quite shameful to recognize that they are newbies in the thing they are just starting to explore. Perhaps, they are afraid they may be laughed at for their lack of experience. I don’t have such a phobia. I think that there’s nothing shameful in being a newbie. On the contrary, I think that it’s a specific state that shows that you have a good chance to try something new and finally change your life for the better.
When I’m a newbie I feel a great joy of discovering new things everyday and trading still has a lot of surprises for me.
Jan 31 at 07:16
44 posts
Demo trading gives newcomers to currency trading an opportunity to learn the basics of forex without risking real money. This enables them to focus on learning the tools and techniques available to them without the distractions or worries that real money brings with itself.
Jan 31 at 21:35
105 posts
Yes its a risk free way of learning to navigate the markets and master your craft .
I still demo to tweak my strategy
Feb 01 at 08:27
20 posts
New comers and demo trading should be talked of together because demo trading is the tool that every new trader should take advantage of right from the beginning. Every new lesson learned by the new trader should be practised on the demo account to become familiar with the practical aspects of it.

Feb 01 at 09:38
716 posts
the demo account is really important for all kinds of trader , traders can apply any kinds of trading method in there with no money.
Feb 25 at 16:28
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Mohammadi posted:
This volatile trading place is very much complicated for all kinds of traders in particularly for who are newcomers. Newcomers first of all have to observe all market principle which is more appropriate to survive in here in a proper way. They have to emphasis firstly only learning by reading books, Pips school, and from much more Forex website. And with this process also should trade in demo account to make sure market movements. But practically mostly don’t believe the importance of demo account at all.
Unfortunately a number of new traders using their demo slightly; as a result when they go for live trading they face a huge loss! This is why my suggestion is to the all new traders, please use your demo so sincerely as like your live trading account!
Feb 28 at 00:16
21 posts
And better use for example 3 x 1k Accounts instead of 1x 3k, if you start with a real account
Fully automated trading robot systems
Feb 28 at 02:24
176 posts
For a beginner, it is essential to learn a lot of things that will make him a good trader. Some mistakes that beginners should avoid are to not trade if you do not know about the market, wait for the right time to trade, and to never be greedy.
Mar 03 at 08:01
58 posts
Newcomers and demo trading are inextricably engaged. Because you know newcomers enter the market with no trading knowledge and they need to improve day by day. But we hardly see this patience among new traders as a result their falling rate from Forex is at the peak.
Mar 03 at 10:19
801 posts
For beginners, a demo account is a very useful thing. I think that for training this is really a very necessary and even profitable option.
Mar 08 at 06:57
15 posts
Demo accounts are suggested to new traders to develop skills and trade in a risk-free environment. For any new trader, directly trading in a live environment can be overwhelming, challenging and risky because of a lack of skills. Even though trading with a demo account is not mandatory, all traders should do this to create workable trading strategies and get familiar with the trading platform to avoid risk.
Mar 08 at 08:42
258 posts
demo experience sometimes doesn't work in really account, its really true. but that not mean , it is useless.  beginners level of course minimum have to spend 3-5 months in here to ensure live trading experience.
Mar 26 at 08:18
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New comers should make a good friendship with demo trading. But it’s a rare sight. Demo trading is the solution that can turn a new trader perfect. Through demo trading, a trader can be familiar with all the terminologies, techniques and tools of the market.

Mar 28 at 05:05
61 posts
As per my opinion, demo trading is a great way for beginners to get familiar with the trading platforms and the trading environment, one should never miss it.
Mar 29 at 04:56
95 posts
Newcomers are unknown of the trading platform and and tooling. So, if they use demo trading account, they can get introduced to all the tooling and the operations of the platform. They don’t know how to analyze the market and how to derive signals from it. They can learn so by trading in demo account.
Mar 29 at 07:05
385 posts
no_frame posted:
As per my opinion, demo trading is a great way for beginners to get familiar with the trading platforms and the trading environment, one should never miss it.

Absolutely agree its on the way to being a trader. You need to go through that passage but only when you have a system and you're willing to practice it seriously and not load up a 1million demo account if you intend to do 1k
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