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Order executed at totally different price than T/P

Aug 16 2011 at 15:22
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The trade was placed with a fixed T/P setting (so no market order) (see attachment trade_27658521.png)
The Open Price : 1772,60
The T/P price: 1787,60
15 Dollar profit if it hits. I was sold, bit at a totally different price.

There was no stop loss placed (not necessary, but the T/P was reached soon)

When hitting the order was executed at: 1772,60!! Not 1787,60

Broker Alpari UK Micro.

I called support, but I had to write a mail to them. I just did that. I just wanted to share this.

Anyone ever has such situation?

See attachment trade_27658521.png


kennyhubbard (compuforexpamm)
Aug 18 2011 at 13:21
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Hi there,

According to your screenshot, the trade was closed after 15 minutes by market order. The TP was never executed else it would be green like the others. Looking at price action over the period, your TP would not have been reached until the next morning.

I would suggest looking through the Journal Tab on your MT4 platform. This will tell you whether the trade closure was an instruction sent from your terminal. The instruction to close had to come from somewhere. If it didn't come from your terminal then you would have to ask the broker why they closed the trade. Are there any comments in the comments column?

As an aside all TP's are executed at the exact price, or better. It will never suffer slippage like your stop orders or market orders.
Wealth Creation Through Technology
Aug 18 2011 at 13:27
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After contacting my broker your conclusion seems to be correct. This trading bot has somehow a not visible stop loss triggered. Apparently, the move downward, triggered this build in stop loss. But I am still surprised, because the author of the bot, claims the bot does not have any stop loss. (Forex Gold Trader 3.0). So it is still not crystal clear to me... Anyway thanks for your reply.
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