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Show your profitable account here.

Rags2Riches (Rags2Riches)
Apr 14 2015 at 06:28
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Apr 14 2015 at 06:38
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My account passes your criteria.

Feel free to shoot me a question about my trading model.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free
Apr 14 2015 at 06:41
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RSTrading posted:
RSTrading posted:

I would like to invite traders to show off their accounts here if they pass certain criteria.

The criteria :

1) The account must be real - no demo's. (please do not argue here that it is the same as a live acc. etc - the idea is not to engage in any arguments)
2) The account must be verified (please do not come and defend your unverified-but-want-to-participate account - there will simply be no interest)
3)DD must not be higher than 40% - (please. Once again. No justification for your above 40% dd, if it is higher - don't participate)
4)The account must be older than 3 months, maybe this is even still too young.
5)No martingales! (it might work for you, and I do not want to engage in an argument - just please keep to yourself and don't participate)

That's it. Only these five things. If your account passes that, feel free to let others know.

If your account doesn't pass these requirements, please don't post it here.

Especially for unadvanced.

And why would start this thread?

I know the price will be at that level ...
Apr 14 2015 at 06:47
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adrian8891 posted:
Profit_Here posted:

Drawdown > 88% ? Madness

 Adrian you have margin called 'MANY ACCOUNTS' over at rvd. In defense of the person with the 80% dd. You can see it was at the start of the account. After that he has made many good trades which now has over 700% profit. :)

Stanley Smith (silvox)
Apr 14 2015 at 06:53
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I have one it's only been around a few months. I have another account that has 50% DD so it wouldn't qualify but here it is anyway

Apr 14 2015 at 08:28
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Thank you @Profit_Here ..

I played around with it and looked for myself, but can't find my system (maybe I am doing something wrong - I dunno - Don't have the time to play around. That is probably why I opted for a thread rather, but because I had so many people throwing in their systems - not adhering to the criteria I think I will rather spend time getting the search to work properly for me.

Anyway, thanks.

CrazyTraderfx (CrazyTrader)
Apr 14 2015 at 08:42
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Rags2Riches posted:

Clearly 19 trades isn't enought and a minimun of 100 trades must be a criteria to get enough consistence.... BUT, this is so most beautiful trading style so far as the equity curve is 100% of time above growth.
Global risk reward is 1:3
Keep going this way!

Smart Capital Management GmbH (SCManagement)
Apr 14 2015 at 10:28
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Chistopher Robin (ChrisMuzhik)
Apr 14 2015 at 10:54
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PR theread? awesome, but there is a rating on website, there you may see our champions

There can't be enough money
Smart Capital Management GmbH (SCManagement)
Apr 14 2015 at 11:25
22 posts
@ChrisMuzhik Thanks for your comment. What do you mean by 'PR thread'? And where can I find that rating? I am still struggling with myfxbook 😐

The strategy is a self-written EA that we backtested from 2008. The account we show is traded with 2% per trade but it can also be adjusted in order to get less volatility. For our own money we are happy with 2% and so far we do not complain.

money-management with a win-win
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