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Tag Counting

Jun 02 at 03:09
3 Replies
Member Since Mar 26, 2023   3 posts
Jun 02 at 03:09
Hello everyone,

I've been using Myfxbook to track my trading performance, and I would like to analyze the tags I've used across my trades. I want to count how many times each tag has been used to gain insights into my trading strategies.

I'm wondering if anyone could guide me on how to efficiently count the occurrences of tags in Myfxbook?

Thanks in advance!

Member Since Oct 18, 2021   90 posts
Jun 07 at 18:11
What tags? What do you talk about?
Member Since Mar 26, 2023   3 posts
Jun 08 at 03:23
Hi @DenverRRR

This is what I'm talking about. In you trading history, you can put tags in each trades. As for me, I created tags based on the strategy that I used. For example, I have tag for breakout play. Then I want to count how many times I used that strategy.


Member Since Apr 26, 2023   25 posts
Jun 08 at 17:50
To efficiently count tag occurrences in Myfxbook, review your trade history and manually note down the frequency of each tag. Alternatively, export the data to a spreadsheet and use functions like COUNTIF or Pivot Tables for automatic calculations
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