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Aug 11 2014 at 19:30
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sedaka01 posted:
I invested USD550 in CedarFinance and traded binary option using The Binary Insider. I started trading on 4th November, 2013. I let my computer on and went fishing with my two sons. I came back on the 5th evening. I checked my computer and guess what? There was only USD6.70 left in my account. There were 260 trade made and more than 70% were lost. In their promotional video they claimed the Binary Insider was more than 90% correct in their prediction.

I kept a print-screen copy all the 260 trade and CedarFinanve still keep my trading history.

Yesterday I entered The Binary Insider website and made a complain about their software performance. But today I have problem entering the website. I think I've been blocked.

Oh, sorry to heard that.
I have received email from them some time ago,
I also thought, it's just a pure scam, now we have prove....
Stable 20% per month without manual intervention...
Viva La Puerto Rico! (CodeMonkey)
Aug 13 2014 at 01:17
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Here is my advice...
Open a demo account on screen & Open a live account on screen at the same time.
Record the screen. It would be pretty easy to prove if it's a scam.
Run the accounts side by side on screen.
Demo on left, live on right.
Let it trade identical to each other.
If the live one is losing and the demo one is winning you would have pretty strong evidence that it's a fraud and they're just trying to rip people off I would say.
Viva La Puerto Rico!
Viva La Puerto Rico! (CodeMonkey)
Aug 13 2014 at 01:20
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Just my opinion of course, but if you can prove fraud, report them to the authorities.
Viva La Puerto Rico!
Aug 15 2014 at 08:51
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Thats a pretty good idea CodeMonkey. Though it does require personal investment on your part :)
Aug 18 2014 at 06:39
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It looks like any broker that has a world 'binary' in their name is a scammer. 🙄😂
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