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To trade or not to trade during next few weeks (trick-or-treat thread)

maxulr (maxulr)
Nov 02 2016 at 07:55
59 posts
theHand posted:
If you have to sit this out then you don't have good systems. I'm hoping all hell breaks lose to be honest, worse it gets better I do.

I think you're not totally right. More clearly, you're totally wrong, since those who trade using technical analysis are not able to predict the market's reaction to the US president election results. So I am one of those who won't risk and will wait some days before and after elections.

Zeiten Ändern Dich. email: ulrichmax@
Nov 02 2016 at 08:28
365 posts
Then those people don't have a good system.

I've traded through every event from Y2K to today, including 2008, that CHF event, BREXIT, Turkey and few random other bits and pieces.

There's no debate. If you're not sure don't be in and then accept your system needs work. End of story.

Nov 02 2016 at 08:36
365 posts
And I have pointed out in several threads here exactly how useless technical analysis is. People who beat that drum and then wipe out should really not be surprised.

Technical analysis an age where computers are crunching numbers like the clappers and can do high volumes of repetitive tasks is like throwing chicken bones to determine where on mars we should land.

It's a exercise in futility. Just look an a 4 hour chart of of GbpUsd, what could technical analysis do with that spike ? I must have flipped my Gbp position something like 10 or 20 times on that. I don't even know many times it was, it doesn't matter, all that matters is that I was on the right side eventually.

Where does technical analysis come into a spike generated by nothing, that lasts for 5 mins ?

It's useless.

You are sitting out the most profitable markets around mate. I can't wait for the poop to hit the fan. Love it. Worse it gets better I do.

BaldoN (BaldoN)
Nov 02 2016 at 12:49
522 posts
of course this what news traders wait for and expect. The Positioned Traders and Technical traders should better wait up as the market is getting crazy. Different strategies different points of view.

Nov 02 2016 at 12:51
325 posts
Except high volatility, we're not quite sure how much Trump will impact the economy, or the belief in the stock marked. Nor what to expect from the Feds regarding December yet.

Nov 02 2016 at 12:57
29 posts
very good moment for trading during next weeks more volatility, more profit. this is ma opinion

CliveCampbell (CliveCampbell)
Nov 03 2016 at 07:15
47 posts
are you guys excited about this week's NFP? Is it a good time for you to trade?

TiffanyK (TiffanyK)
Nov 03 2016 at 07:28
427 posts
steingood posted:
very good moment for trading during next weeks more volatility, more profit. this is ma opinion

I cannot fully agree with you steingood – on one side you are right, but the same applies for losing. Everything you trade during a high volatility market should be considered really well at first. Unless you want to risk everything you have on your account :) Cheers!

Accept the loss as experience
Nov 03 2016 at 12:09
29 posts
in my opinion, period with high volatility, perios for gain much money. We are here talking about big money, that is the reason we are here, in forex world

Nov 03 2016 at 13:24
247 posts
Some see Fear and Danger in Volatility, Some see Opportunity. Both are right! Each one choose their own reality. Both are creations of ones mind.

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