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Very tough business.

Nov 07 2021 at 19:47
530 posts
AniLorak posted:
having a losses is very common attitude and there is no one who
can avoid it in spite of having most powerful analyzing trade knowledge and experience.

I agree with you.

Yesterday at 13:39
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Forex trading is considered to be toughest business ever. Mainly because it has higher risks tha any other kinds of business. Of course, I don't compare forex trading to those businesses where you hav to take out a loan before you start, when you are in debts, then it's the activity with the highest risks ever. In my opinion, everything basically depends on how you relate to the particular activity and your whole attitude toward this activity. I believe that the higher risks, the higher chance to be successful in this activity, while I also think about possible losses.
Here everybody decides on his own, whether he is ready for taking such risks or not. Nobody is made to do something, everything happens because of their own wish.

7 hours ago
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Trading in Forex requires a lot of deaths and expertise. One can't trust it by simply entering into it. The process takes time as well as dedication to become skilled.

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