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What do you learned while trading?

Mar 24 2022 at 11:05
9 posts
I learned that Forex trading is a lot more complex than I first thought. It requires hard work learning and time
Mar 25 2022 at 05:34
29 posts
Trading is a forever learning experience and you never stop learning in trading. Everyday is a new challenge and you have to put in fresh energy. Your experiences definitely give you an edge to tackle the situation smoothly and to make decisions. You learn strategies and methods to solve intricate problems. But choices you make while trading at that moment determines your returns.
Mar 26 2022 at 05:29
183 posts
Every mistake provides a lesson to learn. But we see among traders the tendency of overtrading and revenge trading, which destroy traders. One should try to recover from losses but it should not be done by retaliation. So, say NO to retaliation and say YES to earning knowledge.

Mar 26 2022 at 06:38
869 posts
Forex is market where you have to keep learning till the end of your trading career. No profit without any knowledge. But we see our youngsters love to trade Forex roughly without trading knowledge. They prefer retaliation but hate strategy-based trading. They cannot differentiate good from the evil.
Chelsea Blacks (blackChelsea)
Mar 27 2022 at 05:35
125 posts
Everyone here knew the good points that are required to become a pro trader. But the reality is a bit different from what all we are doing. As we all are not perfect so its very tough to acknowledge each aspect. When we are doing one good thing we have to compromise on the other. We should think rationally in forex trading and not go with emotions.
Mar 30 2022 at 07:34
51 posts
Trading is a continuous learning experience. Your past experiences may help you to understand things quickly and make wise decisions. But every time you have to put in the same amount of energy to gain profits.
May 06 2022 at 03:50
32 posts
While trading I learned that patience and learning is the key to success in forex trading. And always remember that failure is the stepping stone to success.
May 06 2022 at 12:10
32 posts
May 07 2022 at 05:43
34 posts
Trading is a continuing learning experience in which you never stop learning. Every day brings a new challenge, and you must be prepared. The key to trading success is consistency. Only by remaining constant in the market,can you learn about the different aspects of forex trading. So, if you're trading in the forex market, keep practising and learning.
May 07 2022 at 06:57
617 posts
I must say, the money management rule! Proper money management can make you rich in trading. Forex money management is a set of processes that a forex trader will use to manage the money in their forex trading account. Traders should keep their attempt running to develop themselves every moment. A cogent effort should be given to turn every day a profitable day and traders who are perseverant can only do that.
May 13 2022 at 05:37
72 posts
I learned that forex trading is not for everyone. We all may expect to make money from it but not all of us are able to actually make money through it. It takes a lot of practice, patience, and skills to become successful.
May 13 2022 at 10:30
9 posts
whitneytyler posted:
I learned that forex trading is not for everyone.
It's right that this trading world is not for everyone. It's not tough but it's not an easy job as well. Some people come, try their hands, if they find it interesting and learn the science behind the trades, then they stay in the market, while others who are not able to make profits quit the game. That's it!
May 23 2022 at 09:12
38 posts
As I continued this thrilling journey of forex trading, I learned the importance of being consistent. Without consistency, any trader will give up on the market due to lack of hope. They won’t stay long enough to learn new things about the market and how to master it.
Jun 13 2022 at 08:32
40 posts
I completely agree with you on this since consistency is essential for success in forex. A trader who is consistent enough can thrive in the forex market for a long time by understanding various market trends and implementing his strategies accordingly.
Seb King (sebking1986)
Jun 13 2022 at 10:22
538 posts
Believing you have nothing left to learn is when complacency creeps in and that is dangerous in trading especially. Stay humble and accept there is always something to learn and improve on.
If you can't spot the liquidity then you are the liquidity.
Jul 20 2022 at 10:30
15 posts
As I have just begun doing trading. So I feel that strategy and consistency are the two things utmost important.
Julia (JuliaEvans)
Jul 20 2022 at 18:56
24 posts
The main thing that I learned is that in crypto trading you can never stand still, you need to constantly develop and study this area. Without effort, you will never achieve a good result.
Jul 25 2022 at 07:13
25 posts
Trading, like any other profession, requires a commitment to continuous education. It's beneficial to grow from your mistakes. Don't stop passing these along to your fellow traders.
Jul 26 2022 at 12:22
21 posts
Trading is a lifelong learning process. Your prior experiences may aid you in quickly grasping concepts and coming to informed decisions. But each time, the amount of effort required to make a profit must be the same.
Jul 27 2022 at 04:32
49 posts
Hydrophilous posted:
Trading is a lifelong learning process. Your prior experiences may aid you in quickly grasping concepts and coming to informed decisions. But each time, the amount of effort required to make a profit must be the same.
I completely agree with you on this, what I believe is that with efforts, consistency is also important while trading in forex for longer survival in the market.
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