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What do you learned while trading?

Jul 27 at 05:17
16 posts
Beginners should be aware that forex trading is quite challenging and that it takes hours each day to stay current on news, new techniques, and all necessary materials. Overall, it's not
something that can be accomplished in a week. It can take weeks, months, or even years. Even the most seasoned traders frequently learn something new about the market.
Jul 28 at 04:52
25 posts
I learned that trading is all about making smart, informed decisions. I also learned that it’s important to always be aware of the risks involved in any trade, and to never put all of your eggs in one basket. I also learned that it’s important to stay updated on all of the latest news and information in the world of finance, in order to make the best possible decisions.
Jul 28 at 05:58
22 posts
Thank you for sharing your valuable insights with us. A beginner needs to know each of these lessons for becoming a successful trader in the long run. We should never stop learning even if we get early success in forex. We must be working to improve our skills and enhance our knowledge as we gather experience in the forex market.
Jul 29 at 06:40
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Nice and informative post. Forex trading changed my life in many aspects. I came to understand that human psychology was crucial to trading. I transitioned from a relaxed to a tense and focused mental state. I learned to manage money and became independent. I became disciplined and an observant person which is not only helpful in forex but also in various fields of life.
Jul 30 at 06:03
32 posts
The most important thing I learned while trading was how to maintain my calm and positivity in difficult situations.
Aug 01 at 06:54
49 posts
While trading in forex, I think the most that I have learnt is to be patient in difficult situations and have developed a never giving up attitude.
Aug 01 at 07:24
29 posts
Learning consistently is very crucial for a profitable forex career. We should learn and understand the technicals and foundations, then go on to psychology, risk and money management, trade management, and so much more. We compile all of this information in order to make profits.
Aug 02 at 04:45
24 posts
These are some really good points that you have noted down. Agreed with all of them. Forex trading is a long and tough journey. Staying consistent, working hard, thinking smart, using proper risk management decisions, all are very important for becoming profitable. You miss any one, and you can lose trades.
Aug 02 at 09:50
26 posts
It’s all about believing in our work and being confident in what we do. This is where many traders lose as they are not that confident in their trading. When they believe in their strategy, they will never look at other people's strategies.
Aug 02 at 10:51
18 posts
Trading is a lifelong learning process. Your prior experiences may aid you in quickly grasping concepts and coming to informed decisions. But each time, the amount of effort required to make a profit must be the same.
Seb King (sebking1986)
Aug 02 at 12:00
538 posts
Not just with trading but learning how to make extra money has taught me that monetary targets are actually wholly unsatisfying to me. I thought I'd feel good the first time I hit a £500 day but instead I just told myself well I want that to be the norm etc. Better goals for me are being able to do certain things, make certain investments, to feel content etc.
If you can't spot the liquidity then you are the liquidity.
Oct 04 at 09:43
22 posts
Well said, I absolutely agree with you. In order to be successful in forex trading, you should be patient and consistent for a long term. Success doesn't come easy and fast. Only years of trading forex will build your skills and experience to make profits from trading forex. Learn from your losses. Analyse the market situations, and always strive to improve your strategy. Psychology is also an important aspect of forex trading.
Oct 04 at 11:43
10 posts
Well, I still had to learn a couple of things the hard way.
This is to set take profits at least mentally. And do not chase the growing money. In most cases, you won't be able to stop later when the price goes in the opposite direction.
And you need to use the funds you have already psychologically spent or lost. That is, do not use the last money with the idea that this time I will definitely not lose.
Oct 04 at 13:00
74 posts
Oh first of all I learned how to use indicators lol. And how to build the analysis with the help of them. 😄😄
But also trading is hard. And for me it is the best way to train my willpower.
Oct 04 at 14:46
167 posts
Consider time frames at the time of analyzing. In technical analysis, the formation of candlesticks should be analyzed cogently.
Oct 04 at 17:05
854 posts
Psychology amendment takes time and you have to stay with the market for a long time to cope up with it. And try to understand the market trend.
Oct 14 at 07:45
24 posts
Well, first of all I learned how to do fundamental analysis and then with time learned to use indicators.
Oct 20 at 05:32
23 posts
Milex32 posted:
Well, first of all I learned how to do fundamental analysis and then with time learned to use indicators.
What kind of indicators do you use?
Oct 21 at 16:18
14 posts
I’ve learnt that: do not trade when you do not have strong information base, feelings and thoughts about something that somebody recommend you to buy or sell.
Oct 28 at 07:36
9 posts
There are a lot of lessons that I've learnt from forex trading, but these are the three that have had the biggest impact on my career.
1. Patience is key.
In the world of forex trading, patience is absolutely key. Making hasty decisions can often lead to big losses, so it's important to take your time and wait for the right opportunity to come along.

2. Putting your money in one pair is not a good idea.
Diversifying your portfolio is crucial in forex trading. Putting all your Money in one currency can often lead to troublesome, so it's important to spread your risk across a number of different currencies.

3. Confidence without knowledge cannot serve you.
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