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What is best trading journal software?

Sneakers (sneakers)
Apr 28 2012 at 08:02
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Hi All

This is a newbie question, but I am looking for some software that will either run in the cloud (web based) or run on my desktop. These are the must haves:

-export from MT4
-reporting, charts, analysis of trades
-diary journal for notes
-attach screenshots (nice to have)

Here is a web based site I am very happy with:
where I can switch on the option to display my results to public or private.

I also tried The4xJournal here: (not aff. link) but its pretty clunky and
not impressive at all.

For desktop based, I have tried the Forex Control Center here: (not aff. link)
and its pretty good...but last updated 2007 (?), so is there anything more recent and more powerful?

Yes, I know people use spreadsheets in excel and google etc....I am hoping to find some higher powered
software up to $300. And again, its not an EA, Robot or idiot tool....its analysis, journal, maybe some
risk/reward calculator thrown in.

I am not looking for 'FREE' so dont post any free software, its usually hopeless....



To God Be The Glory!
PayPip (PayPip)
Apr 28 2012 at 15:49
28 posts
Hi Sneakers,

I've used this for a few years, excellent bit of code. My only beef is its of course all manual entry... but if your not a scalper, it's really not very time consuming once you get the hang of it. Greg is always quick to respond to any issues you may have also.

PST_Trader (Emo2010)
Apr 29 2012 at 09:56
69 posts
myfxbook is the best online trade journal if you still have not noticed. It give you a general picture on how you do what and you do. At the end of each trade, you may leave common and photo commons. How cool is that? cheers.

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Sneakers (sneakers)
Apr 29 2012 at 10:04
2 posts
yes June Storm - but I am asking about software based on my PC, not online.

To God Be The Glory!
Adelbertus D. Leo (kalolu)
May 02 2012 at 12:31
1 posts
I'm afraid you won't get what you want. The developers get money from site visitor and they get nothing if they make it offline, unless users willing to pay. But nobody willing to pay something they can get for free.

I think you can make your myfxbook private, if that's what you want. And you can combined it with other blog site

May 06 2012 at 17:24
4 posts
never heard of something similar to what you are looking for.
stick to myfxbook or ask some developer to create one for you.

cheers ;)

Sep 29 2012 at 21:43
1 posts
I have not found a journal which can store my data by cloud.

There's one called fxlogger I asked the developer he said he'll add it to his features but it will take some time.

Apr 08 2013 at 14:43
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Dec 09 2013 at 08:46
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Dec 09 2013 at 08:46
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Sorry i meant to say I dont think it can export from MT4.

It can, however, export your log into excel. Which is really handy.

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