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90% are loser ..why ?

Jun 17 at 04:02
240 posts
right now the percentage may be too high , because market getting down day by day.
Jun 19 at 14:28
512 posts
Admoni posted:
Almost 90% beginners are loser from this trading place due to only lack of most accurate money management plan, basically they only emphasis on acquiring good trading knowledge and always ignore other inevitable parts . as a result they become loser. So besides good trading knowledge we the beginners have to ensure how to manage money in Forex.
Because, most of the traders try make money here with a low trading skill! Forex is one of the most challenging job; so traders need to make sure their trading skill before starting their real trading!
Jun 21 at 15:17
512 posts
Demetriof posted:
Very good point. People think Forex is easy but it is so hard. I spent years on it and still get nowhere. I am not sure I ever will to be honest
I do agree with you! Most of the new traders joining here with an easy money making expectations; but after few months, they give up! Since, there is no easy way!
Jun 22 at 06:48
18 posts
traders try to make money from there with no learning , as a result they fall a great trouble when trading in practical.
Jun 25 at 08:24
240 posts
the newcomers always try to bring profit with no learning , its really a bad decision and for that reason we fall a great trouble.
Jun 27 at 06:55
13 posts
Many don’t follow the most basic rules which are to stick to a plan, maintain discipline and control risk. They fail to continue giving energy once they earn it. The only way to survive such a quick changing environment is by constantly updating skills and learning from mistakes.
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