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90% are loser ..why ?

May 23 2019 at 04:51
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I agree with you, My question is also why all are a loser?

May 23 2019 at 09:59
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So many loser because there is so much bad knowledge our there. New trader do are not taught properly and so cannot make profit doing wrong strategy

May 23 2019 at 13:43
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OK a few facts here and sorry if this seems like I am pouring cold water over your dreams.

Yes the quality of knowledge on the internet about FX trading is pretty poor overall. Looking at the knowledge available the majority show tools at points where they work on the charts. This is called hindsight. You need something that will give you a better than 60% and in reality better than 70% chance of winning looking forwards into the unknown.

With their demonstrations they are normally only showing the use of perhaps the most common 12 or so tools available. This is a very small subset of all the tools that are available especially when you consider there are more than 10, 000 indicators out there for people to discover. Most of those tools are not designed for FX trading. So are completely useless for this market.

OK the vast majority of those indicators which are designed for the FX market are pretty poor as well and won't give you the results you expect them to.

The next problem facing so many who wish to learn is do you:

1. Pay for Tuition
Paying for tuition is a potential answer. However, how can you tell if you are being taught in the right way? What methodologies are they using? Technical analysis, Fundamentals or coin flipping?

2. Pay for Indicators
Paying for indicators may get you a really good one. Though the chances of that are pretty slim considering the over 10k already out there that are not doing a very good job.

3. Try to find a position within a trading company such as a hedge fund who will train you
Now that has potential if you have the requisite economics or other qualifications. How many have who are interested in FX Trading? Do you want to go back to university to obtain the required degree and spend at least three years obtaining it before you even start to learn about FX Trading.

Added to this are the scam artists who would have you believe that gaining 1, 000's of pips per day is the answer. Did you know that Gold on a daily basis runs at over 1000 pips per day normally. Gold on a 1:1 basis such as in the USA due to leverage restrictions is not a lot of money in reality.

On top of that are the ones who say they make over 100% gains on their accounts regularly. Really, I WANT SOME OF THAT!!!!!! Lets real here. If they are not professionally trained they are lying to you. If they are not lying to you make them prove it with a real live account with real money showing several years of actual trading at or over 100% gains before you even THINK of doing any training with them. They won't do that so you know what your answer should be.

OK this is not FX Trading however, FACT: Look at all the hedge funds since around 1960 you will not find very many with annual percentage returns year on year of more than about 30% and they are professionals and exceedingly rare. Even the Soros fund Quantum has an average of about 36% for the 31 years between 1969 and 2000. They had seven exceptional years under George and three under Drukenmiller of more than 40% returns for the year. That is only one third of the 31 years. Only twice in those 31 years did they hit or exceed 100% returns for the year and that was when George was at the helm. Take those two exceptional years of 100% and 120% off the total and you drop down to 29.2% average. Don't forget they also had some losing years where their clients did not get a return on the money invested.

So what is the answer?

At this point in time I don't know.

Don't put limits on your imagination, there is no telling.............
Forex Penguin (forexpenguin14)
May 24 2019 at 02:45
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Overall, I do not have great experience in forex trading. It seems so easy to make money. We see it everywhere on the blog, youtube, from the gurus, that they are making a tonne of money. The truth is that it is not that simple. Based on my own trading experience, it is easy to be in profit, the problem is that I fail to keep that profit and end up losing them all. It works so every single round of new funding. It is just frustrating.

I wish someone can figure it out, why we all lose money....

Swimming In Profit Together
May 24 2019 at 07:20
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90% are loser bcoz they are taught to use the wrong methods when trading the fx market.
Get rich quick mentality, and then seeing a fancy indicator or 2 that looks really pretty on the chart and that`s that. the technical analysis is sold in the wrong way. But hey, it looks really fancy so it must work right? Yea, it works in a way that it helps you to give your money away to the winning 10% or less.
If you ever meet someone who works as a forex trader at a firm or bank or hedge fund, just ask them what method they are using. 0% of them will tell you that 'I combine this and that and that indicator and then I follow their sell and buy signals, thats how I trade the millions of dollars of my company.'
Self defined internet forex gurus will always find the easiest way to rip you off with their awesome signals and robots, but thats how they are making money, selling you bulls..t, and not actually trading forex. And your mentality helps them, who wants to learn the fundamentals, it sounds complicated, probably takes some time, but i wanna get rich faster than that. And that indicator looks really nice, pretty and colorful, it must be the right way. And its sold.

Just think about it for a minute what moves the forex market, its not complicated. Does indicators that show what happened in the past, combined together into a strategy, really have the power to tell you what will be the value of a currency in the future?
Or maybe its the economy of a country that will actually define how much its currency worth?
I guess its easy to answer to this question.

Sublime Markets (sublimemarkets)
May 25 2019 at 12:50
27 inlägg
There are lots of factors that cause the majority of traders lose money. Some blame the markets, politics, economic conditions, or even their strategy. Even though all of those might be accurate, some of the most significant reasons for failure are emotions (i.e. fear and greed), lack of discipline, lack of a solid investment strategy and money management planning and many more.

Being in the industry for many years allowed us to experience first hand that 80-90% of retail traders lose money, mainly because they don’t have the knowledge, the time to acquire the knowledge, or the proper mindset to apply the knowledge to their advantage. Many people think that a free technical analysis course or video is going to turn them into traders.

The fact is, there is way more into successful trading than just drawing lines on a chart and base your strategy on what has already happened in the past.

Feel free to contact us for any info you might need regarding forex trading.

SublimeMarkets on Facebook too
May 26 2019 at 06:42
5 inlägg
The biggest problem currently is that the big banks own Interbank and Interbank move the currencies. Basically they fleece the unwary.

As I said above I don't know what the answers is yet. Though working on finding a way to have fewer losing trades. If I can cut that by 3 in every twenty trades then that is more profit. OK so it may mean not taking trades under certain circumstances. Better that than take the trades and lose. Then of course add in more winning trades.

Currently working on reducing the number of trades that are going to be the losers I normally take.

Lets say I take 20 trades in a month and 10 are winners and 10 are losers with equal value gained as lost. Then I'm a break even trader. Now lets say I can eliminate three of the ton losers. At the end of the month I have profit. SO getting rid of the losers is just as good as for my bottom line 😄

My starting point is Money Management and trading phycology. The add in the rest over time.

Once I have an answer I'll share it with others to try and help 😄

Don't put limits on your imagination, there is no telling.............
Thang (Minhthang2603)
Jul 31 2019 at 10:33
20 inlägg
Admoni posted:
Almost 90% beginners are loser from this trading place due to only lack of most accurate money management plan, basically they only emphasis on acquiring good trading knowledge and always ignore other inevitable parts . as a result they become loser. So besides good trading knowledge we the beginners have to ensure how to manage money in Forex.

management is always the top killer.

Aug 02 2019 at 07:00
624 inlägg
its the main challenge when having a losses , generally after having a losses from trade we become emotional and trade over and over , we lost our motive and mind , as a result become loser. its more appropriate to become cool when having a loss and stop trading for a while.  

Aug 02 2019 at 12:09
11 inlägg
But even when people try to trade using EA (which has no emotion) they are almost all loser. I am starting to think that it is impossible to make money trading Forex

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