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Is a demo account really neccassary?

Jun 07 at 04:29
639 posts
Yes demo is very important for both newbie and experienced traders. Without testing your strategy in demo it's not wise to use it in live trading as you don't know how the strategy works.

Jun 07 at 09:28
9 posts
Saying 'Is a demo account really neccassary?' - is like saying ' it is worth practicing before a sports match'. Of course it is practice make perfect

Jun 07 at 17:57
640 posts
It’s important if you don’t want to lose money unnecessarily.

Jun 15 at 10:55
6 posts
I think demo accounts are great for having a proper learning experience and practice. A newbie can’t always handle the pressure of a live account and I see no harm with demos where they don’t have to worry about losing their money.

Jun 16 at 05:24
9 posts
For me, demo accounts have proven to be a great medium to practice. They have helped me in getting to know about the trading conditions without any risk of actual money and I consider it one of the best sources of learning especially for beginners.

Jun 21 at 09:33
21 posts
Yes, it’s more than just necessary. It's important. You tend to increase the risk of losses if you directly enter into the live markets. So invest some time in learning through a demo account and then after you’ve learned enough, shift to trading markets.

Sio Chauland (siochauland)
Jul 05 at 12:18
8 posts
Demo account is not necessary but it can help you understand the trading market in a better way, that too without risking your money. In my initial days, I demo traded for 3 months just to be confident enough before going ahead with the live accounts. I learned almost everything from trading to spreads and how actually the indicators are used. These things help you in your future.

Jul 10 at 02:29
658 posts
It is very important, especially for beginners.

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