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New to the Forex community

Apr 28 at 18:03
78 posts
violatubawhirl posted:
Tremblay posted:
benjebutje posted:
Whelp, start with small amounts and try to trade like following scheme: GBPUSD buy USDCHF buy GBPCHF sell

Yes. Every trader should start with a small amount.

Or even better start with a demo account. Safest way to start trading

Demo is the best place to practice if I say.

May 03 at 08:40
871 posts
as a new in this community discipline is most important and besides this also important focus level. its really important in real or trading life.

May 03 at 10:05
18 posts
Being a newbie, better to take things forward patiently and keep upgrading your knowledge.

May 05 at 02:03
193 posts
Every new trader must start with a minimum amount and try to make a little profit at the start but after some experience, they can invest more money and try to make more profit.

1 Hour ago
369 posts
It is good to interact with the community, especially for new traders. There is a lot to learn from the community.

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