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Trading manually on Auto Trade

Nov 16 2016 at 07:42
3 posts
1. If I have a forex account linked with, and copying, a myfxbook auto trade trader, and I choose to also trade my own separate manual trades on that same account, will a 0.5 pip commission be deducted from my own (successful, winning) manual trades and paid to the Auto Trade provider, even though those winning trades weren't copied from the auto trade provider?

2. If the 0.5 commission is deducted from my own successful trades, is there any way of disabling that for my own manual trades in any way?


TiffanyK (TiffanyK)
Nov 16 2016 at 15:51
427 posts
Regarding question 1 – I think this 0.5 pip commission should not apply to your own manual trades. Because the auto trader is not helping you with anything there.
About question 2 – I don’t know how you can disable this deductions, but you should somehow do it, it is not fair :)

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