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Vanza Dorbey (vanzadorbey)
Jan 18 at 21:29
27 posts
My developper is building an EA for me.

I will be scanning around 30 pairs tick data simultaneously so there will be 30 charts open, will also do automated trading...

My developper is a experienced developper..

I will also talk with him about this...

Would you guys advise me the ideal VPS requirements.

Thank you

Vanza Dorbey (vanzadorbey)
Jan 19 at 14:56
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Vanza Dorbey (vanzadorbey)
Jan 21 at 10:47
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Vanza Dorbey (vanzadorbey)
Jan 22 at 19:33
27 posts
There is a lot of answers to promotional posts here but nothing for other stuff i guess.

Jan 23 at 00:20
81 posts
hi have a answer ;get a windows hyper v vps. it does not share resources .,single core and upgrade ram if you have for vps close to broker.websites do lists of these if you search.pick your budget.30 charts and 1 ea should be a basic package most times.

Jan 28 at 10:15
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As you are already getting the EA developed by your developer, he is the one you can get in touch with for further things, could help!

Jan 28 at 10:32
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You may try .

Good service, reasonable prices. Using them for few years, satisfied.

Vanza Dorbey (vanzadorbey)
Jan 28 at 22:08
27 posts
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