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Do Viet Cuong (Docuong)
Sep 05 2013 at 08:27
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PING EA is a completely automated system that has been developed by a team of analysers, traders and programmers based in Vietnam. The trader behind this signal has over 4 years experience trading forex. Originally through the use of manual systems, however these skills have been adapted in the past few years into developing an automated system that is capable of delivering consistent returns.

The title 'PING' is an IT term that represents the communication between multiple trading strategies within the EA. The logic behind this EA is complex with several thousand lines of code. As the market changes the team behind this strategy will be adapting the strategy to maintain it's profitability. The system uses multiple functions that all talk to each other in order to identify the best possible entry and exit points in the market.
This transaction is the result:
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Sep 05 2013 at 09:26
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That's a big drawdown you've got. Also if you keep withdrawing money, preformance will remain the same but the balance won't evolve much.
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Sep 24 2013 at 17:56
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I was very lucky to find the MaxPro PING EA for use in this tournament
Trader Kroco (TrderKroco)
Sep 25 2013 at 08:01
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How about my EA ??
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Oct 02 2013 at 14:07
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nice one kroco :D
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