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Transformers Demo EA In Trading Systems by Elkart - Aug 21 2009 at 23:39
Yes, but it still needs tol transform no?
Forum Signature In Suggestion Box by Ethan - Aug 21 2009 at 17:36
Hello kkmman, and thank you for your comment.Actually this feature is already available - just go to your widgets page ('Widgets' link in orange, at the bottom menu) and use the BB code for forums.
Comment of the day or of the trade In Suggestion Box by Ethan - Aug 21 2009 at 09:20
We are working on it already, and it will be available soon.As to your other suggestion, it has been received, and will be reviewed by our development team.Thank you.
Invitations and Privelages In Suggestion Box by Elkart - Aug 20 2009 at 14:46
The first one includes the second, so if its a choice, then 1st, but both be nice.
4xdbdown In Trading Systems by Tazca - Aug 20 2009 at 13:47
the trix is only from a month on this account only from start of agust
Display Name vs User Name In Suggestion Box by Ethan - Aug 20 2009 at 08:04
Thank you, will be considered!
publish my portfolio In Suggestion Box by Ethan - Aug 20 2009 at 06:20
Elkart, this one is being worked on already. It will be available soon.Thank you.
Unable to publish stats today In General by Ethan - Aug 19 2009 at 16:45
Sorry for the delay, missed your post.Yes there was indeed an issue which prevented accounts from being updated. It has been resolved.
Marcel demo 3 In Trading Systems by Marcel Corzo - Aug 19 2009 at 16:09
Well, that's thanks to my strategy developed over last three years, and a big change of mind about trading.<img src='' alt='😎'/>
custom period? In Suggestion Box by bizWiz - Aug 19 2009 at 12:13
yeah, would like to see it also.
Guru 50-50 In Trading Systems by allanneagle - Aug 18 2009 at 21:17
opps. Sorry. My mistake.Thanks for correcting that for me :)
Guru 50-50 2nd try In Trading Systems by allanneagle - Aug 18 2009 at 20:59
This is my second attempt to take a $50 account and earn 50pips per day over a little more than a month. This will result in then future trading of 50pips per week for a $25,000/week income.I have changed a couple of basic account setup options after my first attempt ...Standard account instead of mini because demo accounts cannot be altered40...
jfx scalping In Trading Systems by bizWiz - Aug 17 2009 at 16:11
Looks great!I see there are some skillful trades in here..added to my watch <img src='' alt='😄'/>
2 suggestions In Suggestion Box by Ethan - Aug 17 2009 at 15:16
Although the date is in GMT, ETA is automatically synchronized to your local time.Will forward it to the development team, as I believe the option for showing calendar time in your local time will be added.Thank you.
social media - twitter In Suggestion Box by Ethan - Aug 17 2009 at 10:45
Ok, you have explained it very clearly.Thank you.
graphs to track the pairs In Suggestion Box by Ethan - Aug 08 2009 at 08:31
Ok, got it. Thank you.
Autobot In Trading Systems by EZcurrency - Aug 07 2009 at 15:29
I left EA running on my other act ... now in 2% drawdown. Not bad ...
System discussion on the portfolio-site In Suggestion Box by Ethan - Aug 05 2009 at 10:28
Ok, will pass this issue to the design team!Thank you.
Oanda In Trading Systems by alexre - Aug 03 2009 at 19:06
<img src='/images/smiley.png' alt='😄'/> I hear you buddy.. been there, done that.I've recently came back to testing ea's, as I just don't have enough time for learning and trying trading by myself.So for how long have you been doing this?
Use numbers instead of (or in addition to) colored... In Suggestion Box by Ethan - Aug 03 2009 at 06:39