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In Trading Systems by slktrader - Yesterday at 15:34
An honest user will not create many new Myfxbook profiles under different names, your past profile
Grow Big FX Signals
In Trading Systems by GermanyFX - Yesterday at 14:58
GBP analysis
L6Scalping Robot
In Strategies by leock93 - Yesterday at 14:50
Hola, vendes tu bot?
Journal app research
In General by Andrewd007 - Yesterday at 14:45
Hi all, I'm currently developing a trade journaling application as part of a university project. Would be grateful if a few of you could spare a couple of minutes to complete a survey to assist w...
Won't Update on my FXChoice portfolio
In General by Skittle - Yesterday at 13:57
My FC Choice Portfolio has not updated since Mid - December. Help?
Best time frame to trade
In General by Ramierez - Yesterday at 13:26
I prefer using the daily timeframe because its the perfect platform for trading where many trades range from beginners to professional traders. Some prefer higher time frames, but it mostly depends on...
Which pairs are your least favorite to trade? And ...
In New Traders by Gleywilleyy - Yesterday at 13:20
[quote]sailingconsist posted: [quote]Marshalsam877 posted: There are other popular pairs apart from USD/EUR for trading like AUD/CAD,USD/JPY, USD/GBP etc. which are worth exploring. Newbies shouldn&rs...
New traders become restless
In General by UweMoench - Yesterday at 13:18
Short term traders lose more money than long term mind. The reason behind this is short term trader are less disciplined. Actually the 90% traders are not disciplined. They ignore the psychological as...
There is no easy way of learning
In General by UweMoench - Yesterday at 13:17
Spend that time for learning. For actual trading you do not need that much time but for that you have to learn to trade on D1 chart. No matter what strategy you follow it doesn't take much time to...
In Trading Systems by rusfx21 - Yesterday at 13:11
For trading you do not need
In General by UweMoench - Yesterday at 12:48
Every trader should focus on increasing trading abilities. Trading is not any easy task. You need specific knowledge and skills. Those knowledge and skills doesn't just come to you. You have to ac...
MH Real USD 100
In Trading Systems by Timesquarejkt - Yesterday at 12:46
[quote]joastdaffy posted: I never trusted demo trading before. But looking at your charts gives me the confidence that I can give it a try. I just need a suggestion. Should I create my system alone or...
In Brokers by m_vahhaaj - Yesterday at 12:45
Very good trader funding program. Account Metrix provides valuable information. Customer Support is really good.
Unrealistic expectation causes
In General by Michihito - Yesterday at 12:34
If anyone wants to trade for living, he should focus on developing skills. It's not like that you came and traded demo for few months and learned some strategies and you will be make good money. N...
Forex trading offers high leverage
In General by Michihito - Yesterday at 12:32
Leverage builds our buying power. We can trade with inconsequential capital with the help of leverage. The lead is whether you take high leverage by then reducing the hazard % proportionately. In any ...
- CAM Forex
In Trading Systems by deckking - Yesterday at 12:31
The recovery rate has gone up and that is surely a good sign.
My concern on lot commissions
In New Traders by joastdaffy - Yesterday at 12:30
No, the shortfall has been decreased but not eliminated.
In Experienced Traders by smtrader86 - Yesterday at 12:29
hi, thanks for sharing... have you got a developer to make some kind of GUI or do you use a third party platform. Can you guide me which is best approach, im really novice thanks
Can withdrawals be processed in less than a day?
In New Traders by shaunmarsh - Yesterday at 12:24
[quote]Dorigda posted: As for me, it is important how quickly the funds are paid out.[/quote] Yes, that is precisely my point. A broker should at least have a faster withdrawal option for the clients....
In Trading Systems by KalinkaCapitalEE - Yesterday at 12:23
You can copy signals from this account through the Signal Start service -