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There are three things
In General by forextrader777 - Yesterday at 12:18
It’s completely right that you have to study a lot for a perfect trading strategy. You can develop this skill set with the help of demo accounts. You can start with demo trading and can apply an...
ECN with and without commissions.
In New Traders by Lorencecolling - Yesterday at 12:06
[quote]togr posted: [quote]Mathewshayden posted: What’s this all about ECN with and without commissions? My need is about getting the lowest spreads such as Alpari. Any similar options?[/quote]...
In Trading Systems by trollssent - Yesterday at 12:00
It’s always good in forex trading when you are making more profits than losses. Your charts and leverage look quite fine. Seems well managed.
In Trading Systems by trollsdindy - Yesterday at 11:59
You are doing good on your demo account but that doesn’t at all mean that you will do good when you go live also. You will have to be very careful when you go live because you are using quite hi...
In Strategies by kasparsvas16 - Yesterday at 11:55
[quote]deckwisp posted: This is what I call a consistently profitable trader’s graph. Such great trades! Looks like you have mastered the skill of risk management and doing such a great job.[/qu...
In Brokers by feelsofine - Yesterday at 11:54
Two things that have kept me glued to fxview – tight spreads & quick withdrawals.
NCM Conservative
In Trading Systems by acloud129 - Yesterday at 11:53
How long should I start to trade after studying?
In New Traders by Jamespaul - Yesterday at 11:45
Everyone has a different learning curve. Maybe a person can learn the techniques in one day or some other person may learn the same thing in one year. We cannot say for sure that how much time a perso...
Adcuratio Medium
In Trading Systems by mforce - Yesterday at 11:41
[quote]chogdye posted: In my whole trading career, I have learnt only one thing that there is no particular strategy that works for all traders. You have to find a strategy for yourself on your own.[/...
Option to set the number of decimal places
In Suggestion Box by starlavey - Yesterday at 11:37
Yes, that’s true. The earlier you understand it, the better you get at making decisions.
paid version of Myfxbook
In Suggestion Box by dennisstanley - Yesterday at 11:36
I keep my own trading journal. I find it easier to keep the details of my trades on it rather than using an online trading journal.
Economic Calendar Web Api
In Programming by phillipgriffin - Yesterday at 11:35
For my market updates, I have been keeping an eye on Yahoo Finance. This is the only place from where I get my financial updates.
Cloud Data (CD TRADER)
In Trading Systems by deckking - Yesterday at 11:35
That’s such a nice trading graph. I am sure that you would have practised a lot before making this happen. I want to know whether you send signals or not. It would be nice to copy your trades.
To shine in forex
In General by joastdaffy - Yesterday at 11:34
Focusing on making money won’t take you anywhere. You must be patient enough to stick to your strategy and knowledgeable enough to know when to exit a trade. That’s the only way of survivi...
EU Live
In Trading Systems by chogdye - Yesterday at 11:33
It’s good to see your graph. I have also entered a few trades recently and will share my trades here. Would love to hear from you all.
IC Sakura New (VPS)
In Trading Systems by starlavey - Yesterday at 11:29
I don’t think that any time is good or bad for trading. When you have the money, you can make your investment and make profits.
In Trading Systems by dennisstanley - Yesterday at 11:28
It’s such a smooth graph. Looks like you have been making all your decisions really wisely. Good luck and keep making good trades.
Pirate King
In Trading Systems by deckking - Yesterday at 11:27
You are doing a good job. That’s how the graph of a profitable trader looks like.
fxtrends net and trendsfx net copy trade
In Trading Systems by desertdye - Yesterday at 11:25
You are doing quite good. As I can see, you have a big risk appetite. I am not sure for how long you have been trading but it looks like you have some great experience in risk management.
ASIC leverage down
In General by Gareylinn509 - Yesterday at 11:25
[quote]Harshalgibbs posted: [quote]Gareylinn509 posted: [quote]Harshalgibbs posted: [quote]Gareylinn509 posted: Going offshore seems to be the best thing to do now![/quote] Yeah, glad I am already the...