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I need a reliable and Trust autopilot
In New Traders by Mauk - 28 Minutes ago
If, nevertheless, you decided to choose something, approach this choice with all responsibility.
How long should I start to trade after studying?
In New Traders by Mauk - 31 Minutes ago
I think such issues are really considered individually for each trader.
Getting so much confused with the terms. Please, h...
In New Traders by Mauk - 34 Minutes ago
I think by the broker's reliability I mean good working conditions and honesty.
a good trading strategy
In New Traders by Mauk - 40 Minutes ago
A lot depends on the strategy, so you need to work on it very well if you want to get a good result.
How to Successful Forex Trading Mindset?
In New Traders by Mauk - 41 Minutes ago
When initially my choice fell on the broker Amarkets, which has a fairly good reputation and experience of 13 years, I decided to make a minimum deposit of $ 100, try to work and withdraw money and re...
ECN with and without commissions.
In New Traders by Adamgylicrist - 1 Hour ago
How frequently do you trade, if I may ask? If you trade a lot then it is good that you go for an ECN account but if you are a beginner and don’t have much idea about it, you should try to learn ...
In General by UweMoench - 1 Hour ago
For newbie there is no such thing as how much % I should make profit per month. For newbie it's about survival. Whatever % you make, make it consistently. Even 1% is very big for newbie. Don't...
Purpose of demo trading
In General by LeviSievwright5 - 1 Hour ago
Demo helps to develop trading skills. It is very difficult to make money from trading if skills are not developed properly. So all types of analysis should be practiced by demo trading.
There is no easy way of learning
In General by UweMoench - 1 Hour ago
Make yourself capable first for trading. Invest your time for learning. Most traders start to run for different strategies. They ignore the learning process. As a result they drop from the market very...
Number one biggest mistake
In General by blandpatsyy - 1 Hour ago
[quote]Martingupttil posted: [quote]Numeromatt posted: I absolutely agree Martingupttil, newbies don’t think about the amount of effort required for learning trading. All of those years where no...
Manual trading
In General by UweMoench - 1 Hour ago
It is better to trade manually. Yes you could use EA for execution trade for any specific price. I mean for pending order. But fully automated is not a good idea. Fear of losing opportunity is one of ...
New Trader
In General by UweMoench - 1 Hour ago
Most new traders take trading very lightly. Actually they have been told in most cases that trading is very easy work. There is profit and profit. Everyone is making money. When price will go high you...
magic numbers?
In General by TR4DEX - 1 Hour ago
[quote]wealthsecrets posted: Hello, Once you apply Myfxbook EA to a chart, where do you go to see the results per magic number? I just see the standard results page. Thanks, Mike[/quote]
What trade size and leverage to use in forex?
In Experienced Traders by fafduplesis - 1 Hour ago
[quote]irkedduff posted: Can somebody please recommend some brokers that offer small trade size? I was keen on going with IG but found out they don’t offer micro lots.[/quote] Micro lots are the...
About news trading
In General by Michihito - 2 Hours ago
I do not trade during before and after big impact news like NFP. To me trading news is just like gambling. But if you have excellent fundamental knowledge, that's different. Just by assuming or li...
No system works all the time
In General by Michihito - 2 Hours ago
I think we should not follow a strategy blindly. A strategy working for one may not working for others due to different trading personality. Everyone has different psychology. In my opinion best optio...
AuxiliumFX 100K PFX
In Trading Systems by AuxiliumFx - 2 Hours ago
Thanks, Poisonivy0 for your comment. Looking forward to the dollar gaining some temporary strength, so we can ride some decent waves.
To shine in forex
In General by blackChelsea - 2 Hours ago
I think the key note for investments in forex is to remain patient. And with proper knowledge of the forex market you can grab decent profits. For this you have to remain consistent and should devote ...
In Brokers by Theo3Parnandes - 2 Hours ago
Haven’t found such a high services standards with any discount brokers. Land-fx also saves you with the least slippages and margin requirements that make it feasible to turn profit with lower ca...
Indicators are useful but
In General by Sarjohn - 3 Hours ago
There are a variety of indicators present, first you need to understand about the indicator which is useful to you. Combine the indicator which you need and then make a strong strategy, using all indi...