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Summary per magic no
In Suggestion Box by ramirokeller - 10 Hours ago
That is a good suggestion. I hope they consider it. Good luck.
Stats update
In General by jaspertan - 10 Hours ago
Have you tried writing to them? They’ll help you better if you contact them I guess.
In Trading Systems by ramirokeller - 10 Hours ago
Your profit looks great. Your strategy seems to be working well for such amazing results.
If the open trades are locked...
In General by constancewatts - 10 Hours ago
That is right. I’m glad you decided to share your views on different things and posting them here.
Suggestion : ability to insert image (graphs) in t...
In Suggestion Box by jaspertan - 11 Hours ago
That is a very good suggestion. I hope it works out. Good luck.
Pro traders need your adivice
In New Traders by KnowFinance - 11 Hours ago
[quote]Jamesmaculm posted: Making profits consistently is the biggest challenge that forex traders have to face. If you can overcome it, there is nothing that can stop you from making profits. [/quote...
Knowldge is important
In New Traders by KnowFinance - 11 Hours ago
[quote]forextrader777 posted: [quote]debragonzalez posted: Yes, knowledge is the key to trading successfully. A knowledgeable trader is more likely to trade better.[/quote] Totally agreed! Knowledge i...
Set you target and goal
In New Traders by KnowFinance - 11 Hours ago
[quote]EbonyJones posted: Trading is an art. If you can make the trading easy for you it can give you huge money and a better life. For that, you need proper knowledge and experience.[/quote] Exactly,...
best websites for trading knowledge
In New Traders by KnowFinance - 11 Hours ago
[quote]ddarko3 posted: I truly think strategizing via demo trading can be very good way in improving your skill and understanding what went wrong[/quote] Agreed with you, practising on a demo account ...
must have
In Experienced Traders by KnowFinance - 11 Hours ago
[quote]irbis posted: what are your 3 must have 'trading books'??? (no matter fx, stox, futures, options...)[/quote] My top 3 favourites would be: Security Analysis One up on Wall Street Think ...
In Trading Systems by Sebastian_03207 - 11 Hours ago
Hola buen dia. Me agrada ver que tienes resultados muy buenos, enohrabuena, le felicito por eso. Me gustaria saber si tiene a la venta su estrategia o en caso de que sea asi, el bot que usa
In Trading Systems by serggray - 12 Hours ago
[quote]Nuadahuginn posted: Normal leverage, and thank you for that![/quote] Thank you for your opinion!
Arena Trade
In Brokers by DANYY - 15 Hours ago
features and setting clear, pricing ok
New Trader
In General by djstick - 17 Hours ago
thank you guys for all the input. I will definetly experiment all the bots I use in demo first. Even suposedly optimized bots in backtest end up performing poorly when people start using them in live ...
In Brokers by Raminhj26 - 17 Hours ago
[quote]anakcairo posted: any one trading with roboforex come on share ur trade here😁 😁😁[/quote] I'm here 😄
What is the best strategy used as a new trader?
In New Traders by LeviSievwright5 - 18 Hours ago
[quote]ddarko3 posted: Price action is good but it can be inaccurate. Just try MACD and RSI + always setting stop loss in your trade[/quote] Yes, you are right you can use this element to get the basi...
Simplex Continuum
In Trading Systems by SimplexFx - 18 Hours ago
Update to our trading system: today we've closed multiple partial old orders in a combination with other profitable ones. The DD% is back to low-moderate where we can trade again with a moderate -...
In Trading Systems by trent20040 - 19 Hours ago
Closed out all open trades (for a loss) and transferring full balance in to Bitcoin. Trading to resume in Q4 2021.
In Strategies by LeonRocky3 - 19 Hours ago
This does sound doggy to me
New traders love scalping
In General by LeonRocky3 - 19 Hours ago
Yes I agree I do see a lot of people scalping