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XM Group Review Scores

Overall score: 3.6 / 5

Total votes: 469
Customer service
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XM Group Discussion

Prince FX EA (Prince87)
Nov 23 at 04:40
8 posts
One of my fevorite brokers with best trading conditions.

Committed to excellency
PHI Signals (PhiSignals)
Nov 22 at 13:34
1 posts
Muhammad Hilmi (Kaunker)
Nov 20 at 03:41
1 posts
Almost 3 years with XM and didn't see anything gone wrong..Good broker

Silapakarn (Eragon_Kan)
Nov 08 at 17:21
2 posts
Jun 19 at 15:36
2 posts
You must report to the tax office. I asked for the basic registration data of the broker.
Waiting for a week, stocking myself obediently, probably very secret information. I can, of course, get information through the tax service of my country, there is an agreement on the exchange of tax data between countries. But I think such extremes are not needed. I wait another week and conclude that the broker creates problems for clients, does not cooperate.

Apr 20 at 12:12
31 posts
I guess MyFxBook is the last holdout for XM, as they are a major sponsor of this reviews section. But even forexfactory which was filled with cheerleaders have seen what kind of shenanigans XM are willing to perform on their clients to prevent them from making profits or even withdrawing their deposit money.


Are your trading systems fully automated?
wois25 (wois25)
Apr 20 at 07:54
14 posts
XM is good broker with fast withdrawals as well as attractive trading conditions.

juri282 (juri282)
Apr 17 2020 at 10:05
13 posts
I have been using it for over 2 years and XM is a very good broker.

tinito83 (tinito83)
Feb 21 2020 at 22:23
9 posts
Many brokers have limits if you want to place the tp-sl or a pending order. I personally use the Standard account and do not use aggressive EA, so at the moment I am happy with this broker. XM also offer accounts under the IFSC regulator with good leverage😉

Jul 02 2019 at 15:14
1 posts
It seems XM doesn't like limit orders, you have to be several pips away from the current price to be able to place it, it's dissapointing because your only option is to rely on market execution, other brokers don't do that, i guess no one is perfect but still, limit orders are something basic.

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