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In Brokers by Gergo_01 - Jan 25 at 12:16
Probably the best broker for traders like me, sick of switching brokers. Fxview has sorted all of my trading needs. Using mt4 so far, spreads are best and so is the support. Give them a try if looking...
Basics knowledge is not enough
In General by blackChelsea - Jan 25 at 12:10
Basic knowledge helps you to understand the gateway of the market, with time you need to update yourself which pair is performing better and how the real financial health of the respective economies. ...
buy and sell cycle
In Trading Systems by academic - Jan 25 at 11:54
Yes I agree. And not only trading robots, but also manual trading is at risk! Therefore, before installing on a real account, I test. And now, although this account is in +, but I'll modify it a l...
Best Broker
In General by one_forex_signal - Jan 25 at 11:27
Hi, I suggest you first find out if the broker is honest. Not every broker with a tight spread is good for making money through a scalping strategy. I can suggest the following brokers: Global Prime, ...
What is the best strategy used as a new trader?
In New Traders by ddarko3 - Jan 25 at 08:41
Price action is good but it can be inaccurate. Just try MACD and RSI + always setting stop loss in your trade
best websites for trading knowledge
In New Traders by ddarko3 - Jan 25 at 08:34
I truly think strategizing via demo trading can be very good way in improving your skill and understanding what went wrong
ECN + Metatrader 4 or 5 platform
In Experienced Traders by robindude - Jan 25 at 08:14
[quote]sailingconsist posted: A lot of brokers offer these platforms. You can also look into Acttrader for a change. Seems like a good platform.[/quote] I feel like acttrader is lacking quite lot in t...
It is very important to sharpen
In General by Joz8 - Jan 25 at 08:13
[quote]KnowFinance posted: It is very important to sharpen your skills and never stop learning because in the end it only depends on you how much effort you are putting to make your trading fruitful. ...
In Trading Systems by vijaykrishh - Jan 25 at 06:32
Matatrader 4/5 vs Forex Trendy
In Experienced Traders by Olatunji - Jan 25 at 06:21
[quote]Kazile posted: Broker Amarkeets offers both platforms, but still I like MT4 more for its functionality[/quote] What's the minimum investment and what's the profits percentage
Fort Financial Services
In Brokers by wtftbk - Jan 25 at 04:43
[quote]toloemandegarasr posted: hi fortfs broker is please see my account login : 453402 link : but Broker is a thief I worked ...
Choosing the Right Broker
In General by perryjohn765 - Jan 25 at 03:37
why always the old broker in this way we can ignore a new broker with good offering..a research is imp.. an old broker with a good name might not fulfil everybody's trading conditions.
Grow Big FX Signals
In Trading Systems by GermanyFX - Jan 25 at 02:46
[quote]StarKom74 posted: cost for you signal?[/quote] 110 USD per month 3.67 dollars per day
where to invest money to get good returns
In Experienced Traders by smtrader86 - Jan 24 at 23:34
Depends!, What do you believe is a good return on investment, and how much risk are you prepared to take! NO RISK, NO REWARD!!, (With good risk management of course :) )
Account management
In Experienced Traders by smtrader86 - Jan 24 at 23:16
First, there are different options(Which I do, Myself):- 1. You can set up a PAMM account 2. You can get funding from a company like Pysquation(I am managing 30K for now, but if you perform well the...
Show your profitable account here.
In General by Pikasso - Jan 24 at 17:26 Semi-automated swing trading system: SCR-Dynamic Applied on some accounts with different brokers.
Trading EURUSD XM Global
In Trading Systems by KSY7 - Jan 24 at 15:54
Моя стратегия основана на торгах по фьючерсу Евро (6E) - товарная биржа Чикаго (CME Group). Торговый инструмент - валютная пара EUR/USD. Время торговли: позиции открываются и закрываются во время евро...
New Horizons
In Trading Systems by almfx - Jan 24 at 13:28
[quote]goaty33 posted: [quote]almfx posted: [/quote] And open your trading history so people can evaluate your system or provide an investor password. [/quote] I answered all your questions once, an...
In Trading Systems by midasking - Jan 24 at 10:45
Thanks unsightlydray. grownlemur, I am going live now. Demo testing confirmed that the dynamic strategy based on continuous intensive data mining is profitable and robust.
MT5 Bridge for Bitmex Bybit and binance
In Programming by charles101 - Jan 24 at 07:05
There is already product that allow you to do this it is called GUNBOT