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Simple is the best
In General by forextrader777 - 4 Hours ago
[quote]Bela_fx posted: Less is more i believe. Maintain a simple and solid plan for better trading.[/quote] Exactly! Lesser the complications, better the trading and best the results.
Best currency pair for trading
In New Traders by jasonmark409 - 4 Hours ago
I absolutely agree with you Jamesmaxwell, if you know what you are doing then you can do anything. There is nothing that can stop you from making profits. Exotic pairs to leverage trades to options yo...
Is trading hard?
In General by turduckenpant - 4 Hours ago
[quote]Quange posted: In the forex market and in reality, they agree quite easy, it requires effort and maximum concentration, therefore, before you go to this market, you can think very well and eval...
Show your profitable account here.
In General by Pierstage_CM - 5 Hours ago
Pierstage Capital Management MEGA is a system that uses the principles of mean reversion. Automated trading system. Mean eversion basically means that price would revert to its average. But for grea...
Need VPS spec suggestions for EA
In Programming by maksaz - 5 Hours ago
Hi, You may try . Good service, reasonable prices. Using them for few years, satisfied.
In Trading Systems by chogdye - 5 Hours ago
I think it’s okay to not share everything about your trades on a social platform. There is nothing wrong with that.
FX Millionaire
In Trading Systems by deckking - 5 Hours ago
The good thing about forex trading is that you can demo trade and check whether your strategies are worth applying on your live account or not.
Risk management and position size
In Experienced Traders by joastdaffy - 5 Hours ago
While entering a trade, I calculate the stop loss and take profit. I never trade without them and that’s what has been helping me in saving my money.
Account management
In Experienced Traders by desertdye - 5 Hours ago
You could look for an online course that can help you in learning. At least, you will get an idea about what you shouldn’t do to save yourself from potential losses.
Aimy's Trading Method (ATM)
In Trading Systems by chogdye - 5 Hours ago
I agree that you have a nice trading system but I think that you have been using quite high leverage. 1:1000 is a big number that I can’t even dream of using.
Einstein 7
In Trading Systems by gildlef - 5 Hours ago
This is the type of graph that I wish I had. You have been doing a wonderful job and I would surely like to emulate some features.
Trading Privileges
In General by tacosgild - 5 Hours ago
Try contacting the platform. You’ll get some answers there.
How can I make myfxbook work for me?
In General by salamibrish - 5 Hours ago
A lot of traders favor mirror trading and it even works for them for trading ideas. You can give it a try if you like.
Alpa U$1000 1:100
In Trading Systems by mitchelmarsh008 - 5 Hours ago
1:100 leverage is the safest one to use. You can also work on your system and improve it. Good luck.
Systems Page
In Suggestion Box by mitchelmarsh008 - 5 Hours ago
You can focus on the parameters in order to have quick access. Good luck.
Sort by "Date Added" on System ?
In Suggestion Box by tacosgild - 5 Hours ago
That is a good suggestion. I hope it works out fine for you.
In Suggestion Box by salamibrish - 5 Hours ago
That is a really good idea and I think this should even be encouraged and maybe even executed. Would be a great help to non-English speakers.
MyFxBook EA
In General by brishleap - 5 Hours ago
I don’t think it is likely to cross paths with your EAs. As much as I know, it might not interfere. UK Live Pending Status
In General by brishleap - 5 Hours ago
I don’t think you will be able to verify your track record and you should definitely check with your broker once. Contacting them is a good option.
FXOpen 4XCB #1
In Trading Systems by morannon - 5 Hours ago
Too high a leverage for me. But your system looks good, keep it up.