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Fear of losing
In General by SofieAndreasen - Jan 15 at 17:47
[quote]Jim_B posted: Chasing loses is the worst thing you can do, try and stick to the plan. [/quote] True. Revenge or over trading is dangerous. You may even blow your whole account.
In Brokers by renanbastos - Jan 15 at 17:27
ProfitDoc 5Pairs
In Trading Systems by santya95 - Jan 15 at 17:05
[quote]8christianpaul8 posted: Looks good. [/quote] Thanks I appreciate your feedback.
In Trading Systems by WayneO - Jan 15 at 16:42
I guess this is gone, pity, it had promise with a little work?
In Trading Systems by Alexsystem - Jan 15 at 14:28
Предоставляется доступ к торговому счету по паролю инвестора. Вы можете копировать ордера и использовать торговый счет на свое усмотрение. Ручная торговля. Пары: EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP, USDCHF, AUDU...
In Brokers by indidream - Jan 15 at 13:05
Unfortunately very high swap, same spread and monthly account management costs, if you are not operational
Forex is profitable ?
In General by Tim007 - Jan 15 at 12:51
I don't see why it is so difficult to make a profit from day trading. Theories or just chats will not make you any profit and experience in day trading. People can spend hours, days, weeks to talk...
Is trading hard?
In General by Gracewilson1995 - Jan 15 at 12:28
Yes it can be like all other things of you get into it without learning the basics or rules of the game.
Olymp Trade
In Brokers by Shiber - Jan 15 at 12:21
The demo suits me. MT4 - I don't use it. The webinars are great. I doubt it about the bonus ... Is it worth using it with a capital of over 7 thousand?
In Trading Systems by obatel - Jan 15 at 11:04
I wouldn't say you're bad guys but when you pause the monitoring and manually manage the account, did you inform some of using the EA. I got maximum loss on my account on 17th Dec as the EA co...
EU Live
In Trading Systems by Collingwood112 - Jan 15 at 09:51
I think your system will get more attention if you share some details about it. Thanks.
Brokers and true ECN brokers
In New Traders by Adamgylicrist - Jan 15 at 09:47
Forex scams have become quite common these days. I try my best to research about a broker and read their previous customer reviews so that I make a good choice. Talking to other traders helps a lot in...
In Trading Systems by turduckenpant - Jan 15 at 09:45
Wow! Now that’s a system. The chart looks awesome. Very good work with this one.
In Trading Systems by Collingwood112 - Jan 15 at 09:44
There’s no data on this demo. Hope you use this for good.
Mt4-Radhe Radhe
In Trading Systems by turduckenpant - Jan 15 at 09:40
Very good work on this system. I prefer manual too, it seems to be working for me better.
In Trading Systems by rafizi - Jan 15 at 08:01
Also visit to see it working on NZDUSD
EA Blessing 28 Pair + Gold
In Trading Systems by Optimized_FX - Jan 15 at 07:52
i got the .09 vers ... are you willing to share the settings ? :) i got mine on default + 20% risk / trade only eur/usd usd/chf and it's working nice :)
Trading Secrets – Price Pattern Trading
In New Traders by feelsofine - Jan 15 at 06:54
That is very interesting read. Thank you for sharing
Anyone who trades more than 15 currency pairs at a...
In New Traders by feelsofine - Jan 15 at 06:52
Isn't that bit difficult to do, considering that the accurate of the output might be reduced because of that?
Oil Well Ea
In Strategies by BilliBonz - Jan 15 at 06:39
[quote]grownlemur posted: I would like to know more about this system and explore. Could you share some details please? Thanks.[/quote] Hi friend. what exactly are you interested in ?