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SL in pips
In Suggestion Box by salamibrish - Yesterday at 10:45
I’m not so sure about this. Could you provide some additional details about the SL please? Thanks.
In Trading Systems by salamibrish - Yesterday at 10:44
The system looks profitable and I hope you keep getting such amazing results on it. Good luck to you.
For trading you do not need
In General by KnowFinance - Yesterday at 10:39
For trading, you do not need to have to read a lot of books or make long trading sessions. You must be skilled enough to analyse the market trends and place trades according to it. Once you start plac...
index hangseng
In General by mitchelmarsh008 - Yesterday at 10:33
You can try reaching out to different brokers and ask if they have this feature for index trader. You might get some help with this there. Good luck.
Signal Start
In Signal Providers by Seriojka9501 - Yesterday at 08:18
Great opportunity for me, I recently connected my account there and now I have several followers who copy my trades. But it is true that ranked too unhealthy profiles in the first places in the rankin...
Community Outlook History
In Programming by shahinkaz - Yesterday at 07:41
May you share your Macro Excel file or help me to create one?
Which is the best broker for cent acc and why ?
In General by robindude - Yesterday at 06:56
[quote]Andrilh posted: [quote]robindude posted: [quote]Andrilh posted: I use and recommend Exness because their customer service is great! good luck! Andri[/quote] They don't offer demo account, ...
Fusion Markets
In Brokers by SkZero - Yesterday at 06:53
I compare this broker to all the possible brokers as I can possibly can. So far so good. Deposit works instantly with e transfer for those who are from Canada and the withdrawal takes up to 2 busines...
In Trading Systems by layerchazard - Yesterday at 05:38
You can improve your system by trying different strategies and indicators. Stop loss is a good tool for avoiding losses, good luck.
In Trading Systems by jaspertan - Yesterday at 05:35
465.37 is an amazing return and your system looks great. Keep sharing more of these and could you please provide details about the strategy? Thank you.
We should not think
In General by KnowFinance - Yesterday at 03:53
We should not think that trading is a game play. One must keep their emotions aside while being in the trade market. The only thing which should reside in your trading journey is consistency in learni...
In Trading Systems by tvravikiran - Yesterday at 02:31
GBP/USD under selling pressure.... Since many days it is not passing the supply zone on D TF. Should blast down from today i guess :)
In Strategies by LeviSievwright5 - Yesterday at 00:51
I have been trading for many days and I am constantly trying to learn new trading systems.
ASIC leverage down
In General by LeviSievwright5 - Yesterday at 00:45
Leverage protects so it is very important to always choose the right leverage.
Qualitative educational program
In New Traders by AliaDare - Jan 26 at 23:36
If you want to succeed in trading, you must work with a plan and patience. Because it is never possible to do successful trading without working patiently.
Unrealistic expectation causes
In General by AliaDare - Jan 26 at 23:24
If there is a lot to ask from the forex market, it is very difficult to get it. Because you will get something good only when you can maintain proper risk and money management.
Stop loss is a killer if
In General by momo3HC - Jan 26 at 21:02
In short - SL is a must but you must know how to use it properly.
Short term traders follow
In General by momo3HC - Jan 26 at 20:53
[quote]UweMoench posted: They try to find entry. [/quote] No. They`re trying to invent entry. 😄
Types of analysis
In General by momo3HC - Jan 26 at 20:50
I`m more into TA.
Most people fail because
In General by momo3HC - Jan 26 at 20:42
Mainly because wrong vision about what Forex is and what`s needed to succeed.