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Adcuratio High
In Trading Systems by Chenker - Mar 03 at 18:33
Hi Most of professional tradres use some kind of grid, or averaging down, or whatever you wanna call it. No doubt about that. Just haven't seen any automated Grid being successful over time. The M...
Money Management
In New Traders by LyudmilLukanov - Mar 03 at 16:45
[quote]robindude posted: What are your money management strategy? I want to know about that.[/quote] I often take 2% risk of my capital per trade and my risk reward ratio is 1:2.
Fx millionaire marathon 2021
In Trading Systems by FXMarathon2021 - Mar 03 at 16:25
Daily Update 03/03/2021 As Rishi Sunak Speech and $ news later moved the market too much, could not update earlier. Though the day started with a drawdown / running loss, not to my liking, finished th...
Don’t Let Your Emotions Dictate Your Forex T...
In New Traders by PensionPay - Mar 03 at 13:13
Yes, very important, that is part of my secrets to make winnings.
Reasons why you should NOT trade cryptocurrencies
In General by bax699 - Mar 03 at 13:11
i think you should trade cryprtocurrencies, its very profitable
About news trading
In General by bax699 - Mar 03 at 13:10
Dont do it lol simple, unless you know what youre doing
Community outlook data scraping
In Programming by shahinkaz - Mar 03 at 12:50
Np, for avoiding the mentioned error you need to run the first part once (till the sixth line), and repeat only the second part every 15 minutes or more, using a loop or any other technic. Free accoun...
In General by tradingjules - Mar 03 at 12:50
Make sense, thank you both!
Demo - Dark Venus
In Trading Systems by Blajjmaka - Mar 03 at 12:35
normally with the robot you shouldn't have a DD so high.
how to become a forex market conqueror
In General by Damayanti - Mar 03 at 12:31
because we seem to be fighting a market that does not give us profit from forex whatever our strategy the market will try to beat us
The dark side of forex markets
In New Traders by ddarko3 - Mar 03 at 12:23
[quote]bax699 posted: Very true sir, all we can do is try to go along with the ride they create. Risk management is key for little retail traders[/quote] Along with money management which I believe ar...
In Experienced Traders by ddarko3 - Mar 03 at 12:18
According to fxview report, eurusd is looking bit down due to employment change data. Any expectation?
FXDD Pending
In General by gruntlimbic - Mar 03 at 11:45
Check for it on the internet. You will get the updated news and know what you have been doing wrong.
In Trading Systems by eekpillar - Mar 03 at 11:44
A great trading system indeed! The leverage you are using clearly shows that you have been into trading for the last many years because managing risks with this much leverage would not have been easie...
In Suggestion Box by eekpillar - Mar 03 at 11:41
I too believe that it would be a great help for non-English speakers. After all, trading is done best when you know what you are doing.
Sort by "Date Added" on System ?
In Suggestion Box by triticieek - Mar 03 at 11:39
Make settings in your system according to what you are looking for. You will do great when your system is set in accordance with your requirements.
How to call api in php
In Programming by morkaldish - Mar 03 at 11:36
Frankly, I am also not very sure about it. You can try connecting to coders who have better knowledge about it.
Sharing / Not sharing
In Suggestion Box by johnsonfiff - Mar 03 at 11:35
I think it’s a great idea. There is no harm in proceeding with it. I am eagerly waiting for the results and how other people think about it.
Matatrader 5 vs Forex Trendy
In General by Lorencecolling - Mar 03 at 11:27
[quote]Adamgylicrist posted: I was just known to Metatraders and Ctraders. I didn’t know there was something like this platform also.[/quote] MT4 and MT5 will be the first preference of many of ...
In Suggestion Box by blixtpiece - Mar 03 at 11:23
Calculating it in percentage is way easier and useful. I think you should go for it.