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Soeren (GridsForPips)
Sep 03 2010 at 15:15
205 posts
I know Forex trading is for grown-ups, that's why I'm only risking approx. 50$ while learning.

You may be 100% sure, that you system is profitable in the long run, but, conservative or not, your statements are quite similar to 99% of the commercial robots on the market that doesn't work on a real, live money-account:

GridsForPips posted:

1) '10 years proven forex profits' - Since when was a 10y backtest a proof?
2) 'Endorsed by industry professionals' - hmm, who, and which industry?
3) 'Guaranteed succes using these systems' - that means he's giving us our money back next year when our accounts are dry?
4) '100% long-term profits consistently and systematically' - just remember to read all the grey tiny letter-size lines at the end of the page, please.
5) On the 'Fixed 1-lot test', 'Maximal drawdown: 3.39%', yeah, the maximal RELATIVE drawdown is 45.90%! and 56.21%!! on a 'relatively normal risk trades: 5% of risk capital per transaction'.
6) 'FOREX COMBO SYSTEM LIVE STATEMENT:' linking to an Alpari demo-account with the best spreads in the world and instant execution.

I'm not saying my system is any better than Yours, I'm not a professional. BUT, I'm not selling an Expert Advisor for 299$😉

I'm sorry, but in my opinion, that's all sales hype, and a lot of your possible buyers forget to read the whole story ending up with a product that might not work (on a real, live moneyaccount, forwardtested for at least 12 months)!

Hope to see you on a real account, a cents- or mini-account would be just fine, for the next 12 months. THEN I'll be happy to purchase your EA (if I'm not satisfied with my own 😉).

Always get cashback -
Sep 03 2010 at 16:06
61 posts
Soeren, thank you for your opinion! It is reasonable. But if you are experienced with the expert advisors trading like I am, you should know, if the strategy is not an aggressive 1-2 pips or news trading scalper, the difference between demo and real with a decent broker is insignificant .
By the way, this is my other strategy this time on live real money account:


Soeren (GridsForPips)
Sep 03 2010 at 20:39
205 posts
That one isn't actually making me feel any better...

Now you advertise a scalper that, from what I can see, sets a 300 pip SL! trading 4 currencypairs with 0.1 lots taking 1200$ loss if they all hit the red marker...

I know 25% profit a month is very nice, but taking 50% capital risk on a single trade is not safe long-term trading, that's gambling!

But I'll wait and see in 8 months, it'll be fun for you laughing in my face, bringing home the profits.😉


Always get cashback -
Sep 04 2010 at 07:46
61 posts
Soeren, please do not worry about me! I have a huge experience with the experts advisors development and trading, so I know very good what I am doing. About the 300 pips SL - this is only for force major circumstances. I use position exits rules in more then 99% of the positions. Of course there are risks in the FOREX trading, but you should know this.

Sep 06 2010 at 05:24
70 posts
Fxautomate I sent you an email. I saw on ebay you sell 3 months license. I run several EA's and I want to test yours, and I'm willing to post my performance here.

Sep 22 2010 at 10:07
8 posts
I have received on my email, the publicity of a product, denominated FX Combo-EA, very similar to yours but in sale to an inferior price. The link is the following:
is it the same your product or no?

I hope that this signaling of mine doesn't create prejudice to anybody!

Thank you and best regards.


Sep 22 2010 at 10:32
61 posts
No, this is a completely different product. Only the names are similar. Unfortunately that is the Internet. Thank you for your notice!

Sep 23 2010 at 02:08
4 posts

what a fantastic system, let me ask you, why you selling it? It didnt reach the zillion dollars you were hoping for? lol

I am 100% certain your programs dont work that good on live accounts, i am willing to put money with you to prove it wrong, would you like to take up the challenge?

Sep 23 2010 at 05:15
61 posts
Of course the back tests are not the same with the real trading. Here you can see some live results:

Mike (mcmalach)
Sep 29 2010 at 17:26
5 posts

fxcombo posted:
    Of course the back tests are not the same with the real trading. Here you can see some live results:

how are these live it says its a demo account?

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