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OneFX Aggressive 20% margin (By Robert K )

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OneFX Aggressive 20% margin Discussion

Robert K (rkinman)
Jun 10 2010 at 02:39
31 posts
Quality was a little low for my liking on this test. I am doing what I can to download a 99% model quality history file. This thing is huge and will take time to get. When I get even better results, I will post them. Same Strategy is used on my live account. So you really can see a difference.

Jun 13 2010 at 12:52
3 posts
i like tghe SL and TP here, can you share more details about this one or is this perhaps a free ea, would be great to test also. thanks

Robert K (rkinman)
Jun 13 2010 at 17:02
31 posts
Were using the high and the lows from the daily time frame. Always using points 3 candles back. If a more recent candle creates a higher high or lower low, there is no pending order placed. Orders are set a pip below high/low. When order triggers and price moves a very tight trailing stop triggers when price is X amount of pips in profit. Were looking for very fast breakouts or steady move.

It does get a little more tricky than that. But that is really the basic concept. The original strategy was based on 100sl and 200pip TP. I just decided to scale it down. Im a 8 hour day worker and anything below a Daily TF is out of my realm. I was tired of logging into my VPS from my IPhone every 10mins to see how these trades were doing. Sometimes days! This strategy with the small SL and decent TP really took that burden from me. Trades are from mins, to hours. With trades only triggering every couple of days or so. I don't have to sweat a 7 pip SL 😉

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