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Calculating percentage gain/loss vote results

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Calculating percentage gain/loss Discussion

SkylineR34 (TTinvest)
Dec 10 2010 at 11:19
6 posts
The way the percentage is calculated on this site greatly differs from how portfolio managers calculate gains. On this site, percentage is calculated based on your initial investment (adjusted for deposits and withdrawals). If you have gained or losed a lot since your initial deposit, these percentages does not make sense.

An example. If you deposited $100, and by luck or good trading😎 you are up to an equity of $1000. If this is you start capital one month, and you loose (or gain) $100 that month, your statement will tell you that you have lost/won 100%.... while actually you have only lost/won 10% of you start capital that month. If you are to have monthly statistics, they should be based on monthly amounts... It is kind of funny to read some of the statements in here, where accounts loose or gain thousands of percent each month... How can you loose a thousand percent and still have money to trade?

This calculation also regards the custom start date. If you are to have statistics of your trading since your custom start date, then these statistics should be based on the start capital of that start date, and not some start date far back in the past.

Just a thought!
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Steve B (stevetrade)
Dec 10 2010 at 11:24
1415 posts
I'm in agreement with this. Especially the second point. I appreciate it's difficult to carry out accurate percentage gain figures and please everyone given that people are depositing and withdrawing all the time. Maybe it would be possible to add two different percentage gain figures to the headline box calculated differently.
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