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Community Open Source Projects Discussion

Jaco Ferreira (JacoAF)
Dec 19 2017 at 07:29
130 posts
Was just wondering is a Community Open Source Projects section would work?

A projects could be started by a member suggesting the development of an EA, Indicator, Script or Library. Other members would then vote on the suggestion, and if successful a new Community Project would be started.

Any registered member MyFXBook may then participate in the development of the project. Let's say for example the project specification states an EA should use the Bollinger Bands together with Candlestick Patterns to find entries and exits. The participants can then discuss the best way of developing the EA in terms of the following:

Structure of the EA
Global Variables
Detecting Trend Direction
Rules for Entry/Exit
Best method of Coding Functions
Optimizing the code

As the project develops participants may then improve the code for specific functions.

Once the project is complete, and in the spirit of open source projects, the project is available for download to the whole community.

I think it will be un to see what the MyFXBook community will come up with.

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