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Merging Accounts or Customisable Starting Point Data vote results

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Merging Accounts or Customisable Starting Point Data Discussion

John Thompson (jondgls)
Aug 24 2011 at 16:14
11 posts
I have recently opened a new account and so, all the stats from my old account have stopped and I have to start from scratch on a new fxbook. Would be great to be able to import trade history from an old account so my new account reflects the old overall gain % etc.

Of course there would need to be some transparency on this feature so if an account has been merged, the info tab reflects this and provides that information.

Or, if accounts can not be merged, allow users to import some Starting Point settings from another fxbook such as:
Starting Gain %
Starting Profits
Lots Traded
Symbol Analysis data

All so users can continue a new account where the old one left off.

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