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Time based equity graphs for individual trades vote results

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Time based equity graphs for individual trades Discussion

Aug 13 2010 at 14:57
23 posts
I know equity stats are addressed by many suggestions here, but even if my suggestion is not of the simplest kind, it would be imho revolutionary to implement in the future:

Graphs not only for gain/balance/pips etc. A graphed history with EQUITY is what I've searched for all over the various stats sites. Such an equity/balance graph would have to be time based; it would show entry & exit of the trade AND changing level of equity between them. Technically, there shouldn't be a problem. The site could even use relevant broker feeds for the construction of such a graph, although using one reliable price feed shouldn't hurt the objectivity so much (price feed synchronized with account broker timezone).

Such a view would greatly improve the way to see anyone's trading skills and show that many 'winners' spent their time in huge drawdown before they were closed (almost everytime with pure luck) for profit. If this (or similar) feature could be implemented, every account could be presented with a *real* drawdown % ever happened.

Ethan (Staff)
Aug 16 2010 at 07:52
1392 posts
Tom, thanks for the suggestion - it's already on our to-do list so it will be definitely developed.

Aug 16 2010 at 08:18
23 posts
perfect, thank you!!

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