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Channel Trader PRO (By channeltraderpro )

Gain : +2137.11%
Drawdown 33.68%
Pips: 2948.2
Trades 589
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:100
Trading: Automated

Channel Trader PRO Discussion

Jul 30 2015 at 11:44
34 posts
ardikabaskarafx posted:
Our EA makes realistic profits from 100-500% monthly, no hype and Demo trading, only Real accounts. Check myfxbook to make sure!

Now, not true for me.

Dionysus231 (Dionysus231)
Jul 31 2015 at 05:59
67 posts
For those using vortex and channel trader for a while now. Have you seen a trade down by -60 or -70 pips and then come back and be profitable trade? It seems rare

I'm just wondering if it would serve me better to put in a 60 or 70 pip custom stop loss in the settings. The problem is I just have no way of testing my idea because we can't backrest a trade copier. I wish Doug would give us two licenses so I can run one on a real live account and one on a demo account to test different settings since I can only forward test. I don't want to test on a live account.

What do you guys think? I'm only using it a month and I've seen two trades go past -50 pips and hit stoploss and only one that has been down -45 pips and come back and be profitable. There is still an open trade on channel down -45 pips and was as low as -65 pips. I closed it out already on my account because it looked like a buy order on a serious downtrend in the aud.

I wish Doug would backtest smaller stop losses like 50 60 and 70 pips and see what the effect would be on profit. If it doesn't decrease profit substantially but substantially decreases risk and exposure it would be worth doing. I have no way of finding out.

Jul 31 2015 at 06:08
61 posts
DEAR ROB , YOUA RE TOTALLY WRONG MAYBE OUT OF 400 TRADES channel had 100 trades are pull backs from MİNUS 50 TO 130 PİPS AREA İT İS REAL LİFE PLUS , cos you do not look the trade carrying days %15 trades also more then 1 day there are trades up to 2-3-4 weeks waited to hit the profit. so NOT RARE situation .YOUR REVİEW İS unfortunately wrong and misleading . İT İS NOT A 1 MİNUTE 5 HOUR SCALPER EA . you have to udnerstand 1-2-3-4 day movements are key in this EA which can exceed considerably over 20-40 pips up to 130 pips in my understanding . more than 130 pips -150 pips area you can say RARE YES ı agree with you in this range. FRİEND it is just pure math and trade elasticity. never ever fear about it. !!!

Dionysus231 (Dionysus231)
Jul 31 2015 at 08:11
67 posts
Thank you alimertin. For your honesty and for telling me what I needed to hear about the history. For us new guys all we can see in history is the closed winning trade. We can't see how far it may have been down before it got there.

Jul 31 2015 at 08:41
61 posts
ı am a modest client like you. I learnt DOUG s systems REV,VORTEX AND CHANNEL here, more than 1 week ı observed all details about these systems at janurary 2015 before ı lost many thousand dollars in FUTURE OPTİON STOCKS AND last month with other systems ı can say ı am a middle weight investor .AND all ı can say ı am not advertising DOUG .. if a system with 400 trades and 14 months has only less than %3-4 monthly drawdown and 28 times gain ,decresing risk and %97-99 that is far impressive like ROB s idea ANYUNE CAN MİNİMİze and test STOP LOSS LEVELS to 110-150 pips but this may drop system winning rate to %90 winner or less maybe %87-88 and gain profits may decrease with percentage of total pips decreasing .
also anyone can claim in 2-4 years VROTEX AND CHANNEL tarder win ratio may drop under %85 level and annual gain becoming impossible. BUT scientifically it is not that easy yes there is a possibility but it is not easy .
so you see ı am not %100 optimistic about any system and %100 sure about future .but TRADE İS LİFE .no guarantee we have .just numbers ...😄

Jul 31 2015 at 17:44
61 posts
you see today we go from +15 pips to -164 pips again now to -57 pips and coming back to profit .. it is REAL LİFE AND many hate this kind of swings in forex :)))) ı do not hate it is REAL LİFE 😄😄😄

Jul 31 2015 at 17:44
61 posts
MAYBE you do not take weekend risk and go out , it is your choice :))

Jul 31 2015 at 17:54
61 posts
BY the way doug price SEEMS TO be a time traveler and he probably might come here from 25. century . how can a man KNOW THİS piece of shit in this accuracy ı do not know 😁😁😁 if ı make a million here ı will write a script independent a SCİ FİCTİON MOVİE ABOUT FOREX MAGİCİANS .hero will be doug price for sure :)

ozboy (ozboy)
Jul 31 2015 at 20:17
29 posts
Current DD and margin is too risky keep AUDUSD and EURJPY for today trades.
Unfortunately, we have good reports on Euro today.

Aug 04 2015 at 09:58
7 posts
Morning folks I have now bought CTP and it's set up on a VPS I just bought.

What %DD do you have set in MT4? Default is 50%?

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