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ClarityFX LIVE (By forexverified )

The user has deleted this system.

ClarityFX LIVE Discussion

forexverified (forexverified)
May 06 2013 at 16:33
25 posts
Hello everyone,

Just FYI - when looking at the historical trades - use the filter to hide Withdrawals and Deposits. This particular broker lists every commission fee and every rollover fee as a separate line in the balance that shows up as a withdrawal/deposit. It makes a mess of the history but it's easy to hide those with MyFXBook's filter.


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Jun 21 2013 at 20:46
85 posts

The fact is, our trader is completely comfortable with the way the trades are going. We closed +$182.95 in May and over +$415 in profits in June so far. He recognizes the need to keep an eye on the equity drawdown, but as long as we have enough equity to float the trades, he is working hard to continue adding new profits to the balance (+$415 in the last 3 weeks is pretty impressive). Also, as these trends settle down and go through their likely reversals, we're expecting this equity drawdown to unwind itself and these open trades will turn profitable.

Thank you for the update Scott. Unfortunately closed profit can't be withdrawn when equity is less than initial investment. I really had high hopes for this trading system as you did and I understand how cynical we can be when using a trading system. It looks to me we both are bitten by another Forex Verified Service. 😭 Best luck on the long term recovery.

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