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Einstein 1 (By lc_1)

Gain : +49328.0%
Drawdown 0.69%
Pips: 49328.0
Trades 29214
Type: Real
Leverage: -
Trading: Unknown

Einstein 1 Discussion

Oct 07 2009 at 15:40
41 posts
Could you tell how anyone can follow your system?
Thank you!

Oct 07 2009 at 16:52
134 posts
It is an ISEA scam :-D Author just doesn´t want to show it, and that´s why he hided account history

Oct 07 2009 at 20:21
8 posts
Interesting since ISEA, no i am not the programmer but do know traders that run it successfully, was never a scam but only those that did not have real funds to open a real account on an large broker lost money.

Just a case of many so called traders jumping on a successful program, ISEA with 250 dollars and trying to trade with the big boys.

For those that are trying to make a fortune with a little bit of money buy FAbTurbo and get busy.

Why is it that when a good system is developed, used mainly by large traders and successful it always gets trashed by all the little people that can only think big.

Go figure.

Xaron (Xaron)
Oct 07 2009 at 20:31
20 posts
Well the big guys won't use such a funny fary EA anyway because they know the reality.

Oct 26 2009 at 12:17
19 posts
Hi Nice results.

Possible to get hold of this EA in anyway?

M6Andre (M6Andre)
Nov 23 2009 at 19:56
3 posts
I am interesdted to know more about this EA. I have an account at Dukascopy...

Nov 26 2009 at 18:42
1 posts
where the hell can we get this ea ???

MoneyFountain1 (MoneyFountain1)
Nov 27 2009 at 00:41
57 posts
AWESOME performance - %%%%

All things come to those who wait.
Dec 05 2009 at 02:47
3 posts
Forex Anadova
May 31 2011 at 15:11
186 posts
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