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Forex Envy Synergy PAMM (archived PAMM no longer being traded)) (By ForexEnvy )

The user has deleted this system.

Forex Envy Synergy PAMM (archived PAMM no longer being traded)) Discussion

Sep 05 2013 at 06:18
34 posts
Please avoid these knuckleheads at all cost. Forex Envy Team will deceive you. They do not update their accounts during dd to show the true Drawdown percentage. They update accounts after the dd is recoverd. If DD is not recovered, they will delete the account from their public profile.
Sep 24 2013 at 17:56
21 posts
We update our account every 24 hours. We no longer delete accounts permanently even if they receive a margin call. If an account fails for any reason we will keep the account on myfxbook as a reference.

Our Phoenix PAMM account cannot sustain an open dd of over 23% because of the capital management system we are using.


Team Envy
Ken Grakauskas (Michigander)
Sep 24 2013 at 18:56
321 posts
cowpoop...what an appropriate name. Actually, that's what your opinion is worth. Have you even traded with them or are you one of those that just continually points to blown accounts to show that they've blown? I've been trading with Envy for 16 months now. Good systems. Honorable and responsive technical support. Do accounts blowout? Absolutely. I have news for you, in time all systems do. Manage your money the way they tell you to and you will succeed. I know I have. I've turned 7 grand into 42 grand in 6 months using a combination of long cycles, short cycles, and ultra. If your only skill set is to point to the hard right edge and show people that something has blown, without looking at returns between crashes, then you have no business posting.

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Sep 25 2013 at 01:18
34 posts
Ken has a good point that you can make money with a margingale grid just get ready for the margincall. If a user can show the real story of all their blown accounts and accounts that made it through the years then thats someone I would listen too. I haven't found any yet😉
Sep 25 2013 at 02:20
21 posts
We only had one event that resulted in a crash with our Long Cycle pairs in late 2012. Other than that we have been been stable. The accounts that crashed had well over 100% ROI when the event occurred (I think the ROI was around 300% or so), and our current accounts have between 126 and 360 percent growth depending on the mode. That isn't too bad for 2 years of trading.


Team Envy
Feb 09 2016 at 09:02
9 posts
My account crashed on the PAMM account far away from the 100% ROI they say in here. I deposit 2K USD after few weeks all money blow out. Before I even be able to withdraw any money whatsoever. MArtingale system are Casino.
Feb 09 2016 at 09:27
724 posts
A PAMM should never crash. Go back to signals.
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