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Forex Growth Bot

Gain : +2644.71%
Drawdown 94.46%
Pips: 8075.5
Trades 2881
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:200
Trading: Automated

Forex Growth Bot Discussion

George (pipsquick1957)
Jan 05 2011 at 02:12
172 posts
Clam0391, you have to right click on account history and click on 'All History' and you will clearly see all of the trades there that are a mirror of the trades being shown right here, just like I have done many times in the past few weeks with no problems. I am very interested in buying this EA so I am checking the results every day.

 So don't always go jumping to conclusions about not seeing something in an account with a investor password and expecting that its a scam because you don't know how to operate MT4. I logged in just now to make sure there wasn't a problem with there servers, and I am in just like flint.

 I have no clue as to what you are talking about 'a very strange pattern that has already been commented on' ?? Every single trade in identical to this statement on MyFxBook.

Raymond (rayong1)
Jan 05 2011 at 07:53
126 posts
I see the history. The account is a live account.

Jan 05 2011 at 08:12
3 posts
OK thanks I see the history now, and the trade tab now gives the correct figure ( it gave 0.00 when I first logged in.)

The strange pattern commented on much earlier (look through the comments) is the steep rise with the first seven trades, then a sudden change to a much more gradual increase. Those big gains are never repeated. However, I see the reason - the lot size for those big trades was 0.05 but the later trades used 0.01 lots.

Jan 05 2011 at 23:06
30 posts
Three trades opened today (short in the 1.3160 area. I'm using MB Trading btw). One has been stopped out for another loss of about 35 pips. The other 2 are in a small profit.
Basically, it seems that the bot buys at resistance and sells at support. It will take a good run to make back the pips lost so far.
The remainder of the week will be interesting (with NFP). I'm thinking the bot will either prove itself or it will be time to move on.

It also seems that the programmer of the bot has 'vacated the premises' ??? I'll post the outcome of the trades and I guess, try to convince myself for the next couple of days that this isn't just another piece of crap EA.

Raymond (rayong1)
Jan 06 2011 at 07:14
126 posts
The EA opens and closes trades at close or open of 15 min candles. When there's an event like tonights NFP numbers where it moves big time. We could get lucky if it goes our way or very bad if it does not. The EA may not stop out until the next candle which isn't a good thing.

Jan 06 2011 at 13:55
30 posts
The EA did close the remaining 2 trades in profit, about 67 pips each. So, it's in profit for the week and still 39 or 40 pips down since I began testing. At least that's a little more encouraging. Will just have to see how the next few trades go, I guess.

Raymond (rayong1)
Jan 06 2011 at 16:48
126 posts
Looks like its on a roll now. 3 open trades all profitable so far.

Jan 06 2011 at 19:30
106 posts
Does this EA work with other EA on the same accounts?

Raymond (rayong1)
Jan 06 2011 at 19:39
126 posts

temitope123 posted:
    Does this EA work with other EA on the same accounts?


Raymond (rayong1)
Jan 07 2011 at 06:03
126 posts
Hmm, I'm impressed. I'm up about 20 pips in closed trades but the 2 open trades now are up 125 pips.

Lets see how it handles the NFP news tonight.

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