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Forex Growth Bot

Gain : +2644.71%
Drawdown 94.46%
Pips: 8075.5
Trades 2881
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:200
Trading: Automated

Forex Growth Bot Discussion

Jan 15 2011 at 04:41
5 posts
EA performed good for me. But Alpari's results where different. I think it might be the broker themselves, they tend to do repetitive requotes at times. Will be trying it out in a couple weeks on Think Forex, one of the recommended Brokers. See what the results are then.

Jan 15 2011 at 06:09
31 posts

As far as I know with Alpari you shouldn't be getting any requotes as their demo accounts have the same characteristics as their Pro accounts, which I believe you have to have $25K to start. At their Pro level there are no requotes.



Jan 15 2011 at 06:15
128 posts
Hi, I hust bought the EA. Can I run it on mutiple brokers for my accounts from one purchase of the EA ?

Jan 15 2011 at 19:26
66 posts
A review of Askobid a proposed broker for growth bot.. any one has used them .. please share your experience.. ?????

Jan 16 2011 at 15:03
107 posts
I can't speak for that person, but would you want someone to easily withdraw money from your account and find out it dissappeared? I'm assuming they do thsi to make sure the wrong person doesn't withdraw (fraud) , this can be a huge liability. I'm sure there's more to this story. As we have various people using them and haven't heard complaints thus far.

Jan 17 2011 at 10:26
47 posts
pls my mt4 crashes everytime i try to BT

Raymond (rayong1)
Jan 17 2011 at 10:40
126 posts
What is BT?

Jan 17 2011 at 10:58
47 posts

Jan 17 2011 at 12:20
6 posts
back to the real questions. Has anyone experience with ActiveTrades or AAAfx as broker?

Jan 17 2011 at 12:59
47 posts
how do i stop my mt4 from crashing

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