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Forex Growth Bot

Gain : +2644.71%
Drawdown 94.46%
Pips: 8075.5
Trades 2881
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:200
Trading: Automated

Forex Growth Bot Discussion

Dec 24 2010 at 02:54
20 posts
Joe results has been satisfactory so far, in last 2 days it has opened 6 trades with 4 closed in profit 2 in loss(15pip and 1 pip) ,Stop loss is handled very well by the EA

Joe (jtedder)
Dec 24 2010 at 03:48
32 posts
good to hear that. Are you trading on live account ? May I ask what broker, account size and lot size you are trading ? It is ok if you dont want to share details.

Dec 24 2010 at 05:24
20 posts
Yes i am trading on live account Smarttradefx n tadawul both mini accounts 0.05 tad and 0.02 smart

Dec 24 2010 at 12:15
79 posts
i see on your acc. that this ea doesn't use real sl... it could be dangerous when vps crashes...
am i right?

Joe (jtedder)
Dec 24 2010 at 19:52
32 posts
  Is the lot size managed by EA or is that fixed which is set at EA parameter ? I see different lots size on full report at

Dec 24 2010 at 20:04
107 posts
The robot has a dynamically calculated stop loss and take profit. But it chooses them carefully as you can see.

We offer the investor password access on the website:

Dec 24 2010 at 20:21
79 posts

i see that the robot has dinamically calculated sl & tp but i can't see the sl & tp value at the history... it means that the robot closes trades automatically without sl & tp at order opening... big price movements can cause big losses if my vps crashesand the ea doesn't handle open orders
what do you think about it?

Dec 24 2010 at 22:10
25 posts
how many times does your VPS crashed my VPS never crashed in 4 years,
has you can see from the statement this EA closed loosing position fast if it got to the wrong trade,
even if your vps crashed and you took proper lot size, you need thousand of pips move against you to demaged your account,
i do believe it will be one of the best EA in 2011,
mery xmas all

Dec 24 2010 at 22:42
20 posts

Its a EA parameter. what ever lot size you put EA will open the orders for that size

jtedder posted:
  Is the lot size managed by EA or is that fixed which is set at EA parameter ? I see different lots size on full report at

Rafiu Oluwasina Ganiyu (rafnet)
Dec 26 2010 at 21:24
25 posts
hello all,i hv also bought the EA through a friend and I am waiting for the activation code.will also let you all know what the results are like when I start to trade it on my account.


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