steinitz Dec 04, 2011 at 02:50
So let me get this straight. You want me to guarantee that my robot makes money for a certain given period like 60 days. And let's say my robot doesn't do it in those 60 days. Does that mean my robot is no good or does it mean the market wasn't favorable for my robot?

Now let's say the next guy comes around purchases the robot with a guarantee and during his 60 days the robot made more than normal. He's a happy camper. So looking at the entire year you could have periods of time the robot doesn't make money, higher than normal expectation or about average. So it all depends on when you come in to the equation.

That's why I don't give a guarantee. You have to look at the long run and that's why I run multiple years back testing and in some cases multiple years forward trading. If more people understood this you would never ask for a guarantee because you would be a smart informed trader that understood statistics. You would simply look at multiple years of back testing and forward trading and purchase it assuming the software was profitable like ours is.